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Fashion Scoops

Prince Charles Promotes Cotton Sustainability in London

The prince argued for a fairer way of growing and processing cotton.

clock May 24, 2017Samantha Conti

Alexandra Cousteau and an Indian cotton farmer.


C&A and National Geographic Channel Air Sustainability Documentary

German retailer C&A and the National Geographic Channel present documentary on organic cotton.

clock May 16, 2016Quynh Tran

Global cotton production is expected to fall to 111.6 million 480-pound bales this year.

Government and Trade

Complaint Urges Customs to Halt Cotton Imports from Turkmenistan

Human rights groups and NGOs look to use new legislation in their favor to stop imports suspected of being made by forced labor from entering the U.S.

clock April 6, 2016Kristi Ellis


As ICAC Meeting Approaches, José Sette Reflects on Outlook for Cotton

The association’s director talks about the challenges facing the global industry.

clock November 24, 2015Mayu Saini

Terry Townsend


The Challenges Facing India’s Cotton Growers

India is expected to remain the world’s leading cotton grower, but a consultant says global consumption will continue to decline as polyester demand rises.

clock November 24, 2015Mayu Saini


U.S. Yarn Production Climbs 4.4%

The increase in the U.S. bucked the 15 percent drop in global yarn production, due to double-digit contractions posted in Europe and Asia.

clock July 23, 2015John Zarocostas



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