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Greek Debt

Retail Stocks Ride Coattails Of Broader Market Rally

Increase in crude oil prices and dealmaking in the U.S. along with favorable global economic news sent stocks…

Fashion Apparel Stocks Bounce Back After Greece, China Woes

Macroeconomic news from the collapse of the Chinese stock market to economic concerns in Greece took a toll…

Greek Debt Concerns Moderate, Long-term is Another Story

As Greek officials begin bailout negotiations with its creditors this week, the economic impact of the debt…

Europe’s Stock Markets Edge Down

Euphoria over Greece deal fades as reality sets in.

Global Investors Increase Cash Holdings

For a second month in a row global investors surveyed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch said they were less…

European Stock Markets Deflate From Greek High

Major indices were down, while retail and luxury stocks were uneven.

Fashion Apparel, Retail Stocks the New Black?

U.S. equities have survived the stress test with major indices showing increases over the past one-year…

U.S. Stocks Open Higher, Ascena Shares Dive

The tough new deal for Greece comes after marathon talks over the weekend.

Dow Falls 200 Points, Retail Shares Tank on China, Greece Concerns

Amid growing concerns over the implications of a Chinese stock market meltdown as well as ongoing worries…

Europe’s Stocks Remain in Doldrums as Greece Prepares Plan

Milan's FTSE MIB was Europe's only major market to gain ground Tuesday morning.

Greece is the Word as Fashion Equities React

Greece's refusal to accept the bailout terms proposed by its creditors in a referendum on Sunday forced all…

Europe, Asia Stocks Finish Down as U.S. Retail Stocks Slide

During the midday trading session U.S. issues were mostly in the red, but had resisted the steep declines of…

U.S. Retail Stocks Resist Greek-induced Declines

In mid-morning trading, U.S. equities showed modest declines amid concerns in Europe following a "no" vote in…

Retail, Fashion Stocks Clock Gains Despite Greek Turmoil

Major global market indices saw gains on Wednesday, the day after Greece defaulted on its debt.

Openness to Bailout Terms for Greece Triggers Stock Rally

As Greece considers terms of a possible bailout package, U.S. stocks rallied in the morning trading session.