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Standout Accessories Trends from the American Collections Week

Looking toward an optimistic future, accessories trends are at the forefront this fall.

Nancy Gonzalez to Launch E-commerce, Expand Leather Goods

Nancy Gonzalez has used the pandemic as a time to reconsider her approach to sales and product offerings.

Tapestry Inc. Registers $311 Million Quarterly Profit

Company shares rose more than 2 percent premarket as a result.

Gravitas Launching the Factory Project Collection to Help New York’s Garment Center

The New York-based company is committed to strengthening the Garment District.

Edas Makes Strides With Accessories

This sustainable accessories brand is known for creating feminine accessories just right for every eclectic…

Can a Tropical Leaf Forge the Future of Sustainable Accessories Design?

A new, organic material made from giant tropical leaves is landing on the desks of accessories designers at…

Nili Lotan Launches Handbags

The designer is also pivoting to a drop model with new releases every couple of months.

How Emerging Bag Designer Marina Raphael Defied 2020 Market Challenges — and Thrived

Raphael was one of the few young bag designers who kept growing amidst the pandemic and is keeping up the…

Viral Accessories Brand Makes World’s First Handbag From Giant Tropical Leaf

Amélie Pichard is the first handbag designer to experiment with sustainable Brazilian elephant ear leaf in…

What Does a Handbag Brand for Busy Lifestyles Do in the Pandemic?

Go Dash Dot has had to retool its offering and pivot to community engagement.

Brandon Blackwood’s Bags

Handbag designer Brandon Blackwood is fighting the fight to end systemic racism one handbag at a time.

Michael Kors, Versace Parent Turns $121M Profit for First Gain in 3 Quarters

Shares of Capri Holdings Ltd. surged as a result.

Recovery Starts to Take Shape for Tapestry Inc., Parent to Coach and Kate Spade

The retailer logged a $231 million profit for the quarter, up from $20 million the same time last year.

Joanne Crevoiserat Marks New Era for Tapestry As Permanent CEO

Crevoiserat, who has been serving as interim ceo since July, is the first woman to lead the fashion company…

Rising Indie Brand Coming of Age Launches Take on Work-From-Home Uniform

The Indie brand has launched clothes, shoes and handbags for a new lifestyle.