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ICSC New York: Confronting Rapid Change and Uncertainty

ICSC's Tom McGee sees "strong interest from retailers across all sectors" in opening stores and suggests…

ICSC: Back-to-School Spending Near Last Year’s Level

The trade organization's findings suggest the back-to-school season won't be bad even as consumers get…

ICSC Makes a Las Vegas Comeback With 22,000 Attendees

The ICSC conference returned to Las Vegas after more than a two-year absence.

Small Businesses Hanging On, Hints of Headway

Consumer loyalty to small, local shopkeepers is growing due to the pandemic, survey data shows.

Inflation Impact: Where Consumers Will Cut Spending

Gas, shelter and food saw the biggest price hikes in February, causing many Americans to rethink…

ICSC Event Goes Live Again Amid Industry Optimism, Challenges

At ICSC, people will joyfully reconnect after social distancing and seeing store traffic improve, and grapple…

Back-to-school Spending to Resemble 2019 Numbers: ICSC Survey

Consumers intended to spend more last year on b-t-s, but that's because of increased spending on furniture…

ICSC Rebrands Amid a Transforming Industry

As the mix of tenants in malls and other retail venues changes, so does the trade organization's membership…

Amid Vaccination Rollout, ICSC Sees Retail Rebound

Tom McGee, president and CEO of the organization, also explains the role of physical stores in a consumer's…

Retail Executives Optimistic Over Year-end Recovery

The International Council of Shopping Centers polled industry executives, who were bullish about a retail…

Digital Connections Are Enhancing the In-store Experience

Tom McGee, president and ceo of the ICSC, shares insights into the convergence of digital and physical stores.

Brokering the Future at ICSC New York Dealmaking

Brands, brokers and digitally native brands are more aligned than before.

ICSC Opens With Less Angst, But There are Still Worries

The yearly confab has grown into a showcase for technology.

ICSC’s Tom McGee Muses on Malls and ReCon 2019

The real estate exec sees the convergence of physical and online contributing to a retail renaissance.

What to Watch: Change Remains a Constant for Retail Real Estate

Real estate will adapt to new retail uses.