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In Fashion

In Fashion: What Ralph, Capri and VF Results Say About 2022

An eye on big profits, the metaverse, focus and China.

In Fashion: The Inflationary Mood of Wary Consumers

Shoppers are feeling the strain of inflation and seeing signs of trouble ahead.

In Fashion: How Brands Can Avoid A New Downward Price Spiral

New technologies, a new outlook and fresh incentives could help apparel companies hold the line (and drive…

In Fashion: Breaking Down the Corporate Breakups

After years of building up, companies are looking to focus by doing more of what they do best — for now.

In Fashion: Strategy vs. Execution at Macy’s, Farfetch and Beyond

The following through is coming into focus as the industry looks to make more big changes.

In Fashion: Johann the Intellectual Syncs With José the Technologist

The Richemont-Farfetch talks are not just a potential new kind of combination, but a new way of doing…

In Fashion: Supply Chain Shutdown, Start Up and Reinvention

The global network that feeds the economy is overwhelmed and evolving.

In Fashion: Next Generation Control Freaks With a Dream

CEOs at Allbirds, Warby Parker and RTR are all coming to the market with a kind of iron grip on their…

In Fashion: A Direct-to-consumer Mirage?

Analyst Simeon Siegel argues that it's really wholesale that drives fashion businesses.

In Fashion: Warby Parker at the End of the Digital Revolution

The buzzy eyewear brand is about to cash in on its hard work and its talent for being the poster child for…