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Jeff Bezos

Bernard Arnault Again World’s Richest Man

The luxury titan is now worth an estimated $199.9 billion, beating out Amazon's Jeff Bezos for the top spot…

Wall Street Unfazed by Amazon CEO Transition

Shares jumped on Tuesday, as Jeff Bezos handed the keys to new CEO Andy Jassy for his first day as chief.

Jeff Bezos Promises to do ‘Better Job’ for Amazon Workers

The Amazon founder used his final shareholder letter as CEO to set some priorities for the future.

Amazon Earnings: Bezos Goes Out On a High

Jeff Bezos announces his departure as CEO, just as the company reports record fourth-quarter revenue of…

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Steps Down as CEO

Bezos to move into role as executive chair of Amazon board in the third quarter. Amazon Web Services CEO Andy…

These 20 People Shaped Fashion in 2020

Aurora James, Kim Jones and Marine Serre are among personalities who stood out in a turbulent year.

Investigation Into House Fire That Led to Death of Tony Hsieh Remains ‘Active’

Fire marshal and police officials in New London, Conn., continue to investigate the Nov. 18 fire.

Political Contributions: Fashion’s Heavy Hitters Support Candidates With Cash

Designers and celebrities tend to swing blue, while retail executives are more likely to lean right. 

Jeff Bezos, Walmart Heirs See Fortunes Rise Amid the Pandemic

Forbes has ranked the 400 wealthiest Americans based on stock prices and exchange rates.

Coronavirus Scuttles Amazon Prime Day

Amazon's peak sales day will be postponed to later in the year, the e-commerce giant announced Tuesday.

Amazon Tells Senators It’s Taking ‘Extreme’ Worker Safety Measures

Admitting getting supplies for workers has been "challenging," Amazon said it's doing what it can to protect…

Jeff Bezos Pressured by Senators Over Amazon Worker Conditions, Firing

Bezos is expected to answer by next week a host of pointed questions around worker treatment amid the…

Jeff Bezos Remains the World’s Richest Man Despite Costly Divorce

LVMH's Bernard Arnault ranked third in Forbes' 34th annual list of global billionaires.

Bridget Foley’s Diary: Jeff Bezos — Paragon of Consistency

The mogul's Amazon warehouse workers are essential — as long as they don't complain about unsafe conditions…

Bridget Foley’s Diary: Rich People, Do the Right Thing

People need what Walmart sells. Nobody needs Dior, Prada or Chanel. So close up shop for a while, please.