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Labor Department

Sweatshops Persist in U.S. Garment Industry

Sweatshop conditions are still found in garment factories in California 20 years after investigators…

Department of Labor: “We Have Sweatshops in America”

The Wage and Hour Division found violations at factories making clothes for retailers including Ross, Forever…

Retailers See Empowerment as Key to Achieving Leaner Organization

The key to slashing jobs to achieve a leaner organization is empowerment.

DOL’s New Rule Requiring More Disclosure Draws Retailers Ire

The National Retail Federation said the new DOL rule could have a "chilling effect" on employers.

U.S. Labor Department Cites Labor Concerns in Peru’s Textile, Apparel Sectors

The report raised concerns about the right to freedom of association in those sectors, as well as inadequate…

Labor Dept. Crusades Against L.A. Apparel Wage Violations in Charges Against Ross Stores Supplier

The government levied $212,000 in back wages against a key supplier to Ross Stores as it placed greater…

DOL Gives $5 Million Grant to Combat Child Labor in Gold Mining

The U.S. estimates tens of thousands of children's toil in small-scale and artisinal gold mining.

Primark Responds to Alleged Abuse Claims

For the second time in a month, Primark is forced to deal with allegations of sub-par working conditions by…

Labor Department Provides $4.8 Million to Reduce Child, Forced Labor

The project calls for a grantee to work side-by-side with an agricultural company on implementing guidelines…

Stocks Advance on Jobs Data

Major stock indices gained today on signs that the labor market is strengthening.