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london collections: men’s

EXCLUSIVE: Aitor Throup Announces Upcoming New Men’s Label

The designer said the new brand will be teased later in 2019 before kicking off in 2020.

Season of Change: Milan, London Men’s Shows in Flux

Brands are altering how they present their collections, putting the Milan and London men's show schedules in…

Bobby Abley Men’s Spring 2017

The designer — never one to hold back — packed his runway with kitschy patterns and Disney logos for this…

Craig Green Men’s Spring 2017

Elizabeth Fraser's angelic, otherworldly voice on the soundtrack accentuated the emotional charge of Craig…

London Collections: Men Spring Designer Inspirations

London-based designers embrace fluid silhouettes and a relaxed attitude.

Burberry’s Bold Move: To Make Shows Direct to Consumer

Brand will show twice a year and offer buy-now-wear-now collections only.

James Long Men’s RTW Fall 2016

James Long turned to his own creative community, including the artist George Longly, as the inspiration for…

Reda Celebrates 150 Years of Fabric

The Italian manufacturer took over a London church for the celebration.

Tom Ford Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Is Tom Ford inching towards the runway with his men's collection? "The pendulum swings," he teased Sunday…

Margaret Howell Men’s RTW Spring 2016

There was a jaunty, outdoorsy mood to Margaret Howell's pared-back, classic men's wear this season.

Pieter Men’s RTW Spring 2016

There's a buzz around Sebastiaan Pieter. Although this is his fourth collection, it's the first on schedule…