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Lululemon Debuts Selfcare Line at Sephora

The line consists of four products, including dry shampoo and deodorant.

Lululemon’s 5-Year Plan Begins to Take Hold

The ath-leisure retailer has another successful quarter, with plans to introduce new products and open more…

The WWD CEO Summit to Focus on Movers + Makers

The annual event will be held Oct. 29 and 30 in New York.

BrandZ List Outlines Retail Business’ Winning Assets

Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès scored the highest rankings among the luxury retailers in the list.

Millennial Spending Power

The demographic is spending money in new places.

Fleece Is in Full Bloom

And more than one company is capitalizing off the trend.

Trade War: How Reliant Is Fashion on China?

Apparel, footwear and accessories could soon be in the firing line for higher tariffs as the trade dispute…

Fashion Is Looking at Footwear Market Share

More apparel companies are starting to turn out shoes.

American Eagle Outfitters’ Jay Schottenstein’s Salary Tops $10.2 Million

The ceo's salary jumped more than 57 percent after a record year at the retailer.

Lululemon Is Taking on the Whole World

Future plans include an international expansion in men's wear, fashion, footwear and self-care products.

Lululemon Unleashes Five-Year Strategic Growth Plan

The company plans to double its sales in men's wear and on digital platforms by 2023.

Billion-dollar Bragging Rights, Fashion’s New Benchmark

How many billions does a company need to be taken seriously?

Lululemon to Repurchase 1 Million of Its Own Shares From Advent

In the midst of Lululemon's solid run, the company is set to buy back 1 million shares for roughly $163…

Lululemon Continues to Outperform

The ath-leisure brand passed its $1 billion revenues goal a year ahead of schedule.

China Talk Dominates AAFA Conference

The trade war and what the Chinese consumer wants were the hot issues of the two-day event.