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Bedrock Manufacturing Co. Announces New CEO

"I am very honored to be offered the BMC CEO position and am excited to play a role in the company's…

Cristina Tardito Wants to Make Kristina Ti Great Again

At the helm of Tardito Holding, Cristina Tardito is injecting new energy into the women's wear brand she…

Female-led Companies Team Up to Promote ‘Age Boldly’

Seniors are expected to spend $15 trillion globally by 2030.

F4D Pitches Living Sustainably as the New Fashion at Inaugural Banquet

A wide-ranging program highlighted how consumers' choices impact sustainability on a larger scale.

Online Marketplace Italic Unlocks Members-Only Platform for Shoppers

The platform will be unlocked to help meet surging demand, according to Italic.

Gruppo Florence Makes Another Acquisition

The Italian group has taken control of knitwear specialist Metaphor, based in Italy's Carpi district.

Garment Bill’s Passage an ‘Inflection Point’ for American Fashion, Say Business Owners

With the passage of the Garment Worker Protection Act Monday, more eyes are on Los Angeles as a hub for…

New Outdoor Exhibitions in New York and Chicago Are Geared to Spur Public Discussion

New exhibition's in New York City and Chicago are designed to bring people together.

Garment Worker Protection Act Advances — Next Stop, Newsom’s Desk

The bill saw 43 yes votes and is on its way to potential passage pending Gov. Gavin Newsom's final say.

‘Check-Box’ Social Audits Are Failing Workers, According to Report

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre released a report detailing how voluntary check-box social…

Gruppo Florence Acquires Textile Specialist

The Italian luxury industrial pole is adding Antica Valserchio, a Tuscany-based textile specialist, to its…

The Running List: Fashion Brands Who Signed On to New Bangladesh Accord

Attention stays on Bangladesh's new garment workplace safety agreement as some 80 brands and retail giants…

Organizations Take the Long View on Labor Shortage

Virtual job fairs, partnerships with schools and full benefit packages are some of the means companies are…

Asia, Western Europe, Middle East Lead in Sustainability Certification Push, Report Says

Asia, Western Europe and the Middle East are leading in Oeko-Tex sustainability certification adoption.

Serai, CIEL Textile Partner to Advance Supply Chain Traceability

CIEL Textile will employ Serai's Traceability solution to help track its global supply chain.