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Melania Trump

Melania Trump’s Stylist Weighs In on Hat Auction Controversy

During the Trump administration, Pierre was often swept into social media criticism about Melania Trump's…

G7 Leaders, Queen Elizabeth, Dine at the Eden Project in Cornwall

Carrie Symonds rented a dress, once again, for the G7 dinner at the famous visitor attraction that houses…

First Ladies’ Fashion: The Power Lies Within to Boost the Economy, Support Designers and Sustainability

Panelists singled out how different first ladies have been celebrated and criticized for their fashion…

President Trump and Melania Trump Exit the White House

Trump recapped his tenure as president at Joint Base Andrews before jetting off to Florida.

Melania Trump’s Stylist Hervé Pierre: The Exit Interview

Over the past four years, Pierre has worked with Trump to select designer styles for key appearances.

Revisiting the Controversial Style of First Lady Melania Trump

The mostly silent First Lady has made several pointed statements through her style over the last four years.

Kamala Harris’ Vogue Cover Creates Controversy

The vice president-elect will be the first female, Black and Asian American in that role.

The Top 10 Trending Celebrity Style Moments of 2020

Google's Year in Search data shows celebrities like Harry Styles, Jennifer Lopez and Lil Nas X had the most…

First Ladies: A New Exhibition Explores Their Lasting Effect

The exhibition features painted portraits, photographs, sculptures, campaign buttons and other first lady…

Prabal Gurung Teams With For Freedoms for Billboard in Battleground State

With Election Day only days away, both parties are ramping up their campaigning.

‘Melania and Me’ Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Talks Politics and Publishing

The new book describes the author's now-frayed relationship with the First Lady and her experience in the…

‘Melania and Me’ Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Faces Lawsuit From the U.S. Justice Department

The U.S. Justice Department's lawsuit claims that Wolkoff broke a non-disclosure agreement by writing the…

Political Contributions: Fashion’s Heavy Hitters Support Candidates With Cash

Designers and celebrities tend to swing blue, while retail executives are more likely to lean right. 

President Trump Wraps Up RNC at the White House; First Lady Sports Neon Green Designer Dress

Despite the RNC's patriotic setting for its final night, First Lady Melania Trump was a point of attraction…

Melania Trump Delivers Lengthy Speech From White House Rose Garden for RNC

The First Lady wore one of her favorite designer labels for the RNC event.