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Nike Brings Virtual Nikeland/Roblox Experience to NYC Store

Nike translates its virtual world experience to augmented reality features in Nike's NYC store.

Aisle 3 Launches to Revolutionize E-commerce, Product Search Experience

Aisle 3 wants to fix what's broken about shopping online and help consumers swiftly sift through products.

NFTs Hit Mainstream Social Media With Twitter Blue Profiles

Twitter launches NFT profile pics for Twitter Blue users, while reports claim Facebook and Instagram will…

Microsoft’s Metaverse Play Adds Historic $68.7B Gaming Acquisition

Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard for eye-watering sum, in move to strengthen its gaming push into the…

The ‘Eco-Verse’ Is Livia Firth’s Answer to Metaverse Villains

Meet Eco-Age's "Eco-Verse," a dedicated division helping fashion brands navigate the metaverse with…

Egonlab Takes First Steps With Crocs – On the Runway and With NFTs

The genderless Parisian label, which makes its official runway debut today, is launching the NFT versions of…

NFT Platform Rarible on Emerging Technologies, Digital Asset Growth

Rarible discusses its NFT marketplace and proprietary technologies powering its platform.

What to Watch: How the Metaverse Advances Circular Fashion and Considerations Therein

There's a $5 trillion circular fashion play (including the metaverse). Experts weigh in on their list of…

Year in Review: What Exactly Is the Metaverse? The Simplest Explanation of What It Means for Fashion

Welcome to the metaverse 101, your easy explainer on what the new concept means for fashion and where…

Year in Review: The 10 Stories of 2021 That Set Fashion’s Course in the Metaverse

The past year put fashion on a new digital trajectory. Destination: The metaverse, where fashion is virtual…

REKA Talks Metaverse Apps, Future of Fashion Selling NFTs

REKA discusses the possibilities of NFTs, its product launches and what's coming up in 2022.

EXCLUSIVE: Creative Agency Buys Land in Metaverse Known As The Sandbox

Other denizens of this metaverse include Snoop Dogg, Adidas and K11 founder Adrian Cheng.

The Next Karl Lagerfeld NFT Comes With Real-Life Perks

The fourth edition of the digital collectible is customized by London-based street artist Endless and…

Nike Buys Metaverse-ready RTFKT

The start-up was founded in January 2020 and is on board to help accelerate Nike's digital transformation.

Breaking Down NFTs, Digital Art, Blockchain Technology for the Fashion Crowd

The $69.3 million sale of one of Beeple's digital works of art at Christie's is only a microcosm of the might…