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Recruiters Reveal Qualities Execs Need to Lead C-Suite During Tough Times

How a leader navigates during challenging times reveals the value of placing the very best at the very top.

Listen Up: What It Takes to Manage Millennials

When it comes to career choices and commitment to a workplace, Millennials may have gotten a bad reputation.

Millennials Seen as New Luxury Targets

The number of total luxury consumers is expected to grow to 480 million in 2022, spending $1.27 trillion.

Think Tank: Meeting the Millennial Challenge

Millennials present a new and clearly unique marketing challenge from what the fashion industry has…

Millennials Rule the Makeup Market

Millennial women are purchasing the most cosmetics, and impacting the most popular brands and outlets in the…

Millennials Expect to Spend More This Holiday

Millennials said they're planning to dole out more money this holiday season than what they spent last year.

E-Tailer Aella Pops Up in Larchmont Village

The online shop, specializing in women's workwear basics, is dabbling in brick-and-mortar, with wholesale and…

Grossman and Clinton Discuss Millennials, Culture and Storytelling

The conversation took place at The Stella Room at Le Cirque and was part of The Fashion Group International's…

Survey: Millennial ‘Style Gurus’ Poised to Spend This Holiday Season

Topshop, Free People, Zara, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Steve Madden, Urban Decay and Madewell, among others were…

Money Concerns Send Millennials Seeking Best Deals When Spending

Millennials rely on e-mail and mobile apps for discounts, and prefer to shop in a store.

Employment Concerns Erode Consumer Confidence

In the latest Thomson Reuters/China Primary Consumer Sentiment Index, worries over jobs and overall economic…

Think Tank: Generation Z, the Next Big Retail Disruptor

Generation Z, the teens and tweens coming of age today, are not just another Millennial story.

Study: Retailers Need a Multigenerational Marketing Approach

Although Millennials have gotten a lot of attention recently and retailers have sharpened their focus on the…