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Mobile shopping

What Instagram Shopping Means for Consumers and Retailers

WWD spoke with BounceX's Kris Mobayeni and Ryan Urban to implore on the viability of social media as a direct…

Are Social Media Users Ready for Tilt-to-Shop?

With a flick of the wrist, Tiltsta's premise could be even more instant gratification than Instagram.

Retailers Remain Vulnerable to Mobile Cyber Attacks

Incidents involving mobile devices increased last year as smartphones carry more user data.

How Businesses Maximize Mobile Marketing

With research from, mobile marketing is continually outpacing desktop. Here's how businesses are…

African-American Millennials Have Spending Power That’s Poised for Growth

Millennials comprise about one-fourth of the total African-American population.

Shoshanna Gruss Celebrates 20 Years in Fashion, Inks New Deal With Gwynnie Bee, Prepares for Saks Exclusive

The entrepreneur shelved plans for a career in finance to start her own dress label with a $30,000 loan from…

Google Pay Gets With the Flow

Already over 70 different payment options exist through cross-border payment provider, Flow. Now, Google Pay…

Embrace the Next Wave of Mobile Commerce

Poshmark, RetailMeNot, Pinterest, SAP and GPShopper weigh in on the next wave of mobile commerce.

Behind Cyber Monday, UPS Upping Holiday Logistics

As the monolithic chain of command for e-commerce expands, the place for at-home delivery will always be held…

Holiday Season Pegged as a Winner, Top Categories Include Apparel — and Baby Bouncers

IBM, Loop Commerce and JLL cite top products and see sales gaining 5 percent this year.

Easy Money: Dosh Card-Linked App Offers Cash Back

Trending today as the number-one shopping app on the Apple Store, Dosh aims to put the money back into…

ShopRunner Primes District App With Amazon ‘Prime-Like’ Efficiency

ShopRunner, a subscription-based e-commerce network working with Kate Spade and Cole Haan, launches its…

Generational Divide in Holiday Spending Push

Survey data from JLL Retail and Junior Achievement reveal the generational differences across consumer…

How Smartphone Cameras Are Driving The Customization Craze

Feast your lenses at this: Advances in smartphone camera tech are fueling a wave of personalized products.

Avenue App Geared for Greater Engagement

The app was created in partnership with PredictSpring.