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Shoppers Crave Personalization, Less Mobile Apps, More Deals

The "2017 U.S. Mobile Consumer Report" was done in partnership with Equation Research.

Salesforce Q4 Shopping Index Proves Mobile’s Growth Potential

The analysis confirmed mobile and social's influence over purchases.

Study on Millennials Show Cohort as Connected — and Oblivious?

The generation is the most connected yet most distracted, according to a new study.

Edgecase Announces Milestone Annual Growth With New Platform

The service provider facilitates shoppers to seamlessly find items online. Releasing Stand-alone App

The influencer network's app will go live in March and lets influencer-created images seen on the mobile web…

Michael Kors Facebook Study Connects Ads with In-Store Visits

The first published study of Facebook's offline conversions ad tools found a 31 percent increase in…

GGP Expands Agreement With StepsAway

The cloud-based solution, which helps retailers get in front of consumers with localized promotions, is now…

Gen Z Wants to Skip Your Ad

The demographic will tolerate your marketing if they can breeze through it.

Ulta Switches Corporate Structure

The company is moving to a holding company setup and tweaking its name to Ulta Beauty Inc.

Google Gobbles Up More Ad Dollars

The tech company saw continued mobile gains in the fourth quarter.

HYPR Out-Maneuvers Retail Hackers With Biometric E-commerce Platform

As data breaches escalate, the secure biometric shopping platform will resolve compromised passwords and…

Oracle Goes Big on Omnichannel Functionality for Updated Retail Services

The service provider aims to connect the dots for clients in lieu of shifting consumer behavior.

CES: A Future Beyond Cash, Thanks to Smartphones

Experts discuss opportunities for retailers with the shift to mobile usage among customers.

Rebecca Minkoff Offers iPhone Case With GE-Powered LED Lighting

The case is available on for $59.99.