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oil prices

Maersk Group Sunk by Low Freight Rates in Q2

Maersk Line reported a loss of $151 million compared to profit of $507 million in the second quarter of 2015.

Low Freight Rates Hit Maersk Group Profits

Maersk reported profits for the period fell 86 percent to $224 million from $1.57 billion in the year-ago…

Plunging Oil Prices Hurting Certain Retailers

Plunging oil prices are affecting retailers located in oil-producing states.

Retail, Luxury Shares Pulled Down by Global Sell-off

U.S. stock indices lost more than 2 percent in value as a Chinese market crash sparked a global stock…

U.S. Stocks Down as Sears Faces New Activism

Stocks are lower as oil sells off again and Sears looks to be getting a new activist investor.

Oil Prices Pull Down U.S. Stocks

Sliding oil prices is worrying investors and pulling down stocks.

U.S. Stocks Dragged Down By Crashing Oil Prices

Crashing oil prices are taking down stocks as Nike signs lifetime deal with LeBron James.

Plunging Oil Prices Hurt Oil-Patch Retailers

Plunging oil prices is leading to layoffs for energy workers and retailers are feeling the effects.

Oil Price Drop to Help Apparel-Makers

Retailers haven't seen consumers spend their gas savings, but apparel-makers may see costs go down.