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Organic Beauty Products

Very Berry: Kiehl’s to Launch Açaí Organic Skin Care Line

Kiehl’s organic Açaí skin care collection is due out in mid-September.

H20 Plus Unveils Natural Side

H20 Plus is turning over a new leaf with its first all-natural collection of face and body products.

Natural and Organic Standards Debated at Summit

At issue is cosmetic companies calling their products "natural" or "organic" when the natural world believes…

In the Swirl at Cosmoprof’s New Spa Pavillion

The feel-good factor was in full effect at Cosmoprof in Bologna with a new special pavilion dedicated totally…

L’Occitane’s Homemade Skin Aid

Those who want to use L’Occitane's newest cream will have to make it themselves.

Organics: When Nature Meets Science

Green is good. But is it good enough? Therein lies the rub for environmentally aware consumers who expect…

How Green Is Your Read?

Natural beauty aficionados have a magazine to call their own.

Lamas Beauty Seeks Wider Appeal

Lamas Beauty is positioning itself to ride the wave of the green movement into the mainstream beauty market.

L’Occitane en Provence Goes Organic

L’Occitane en Provence is introducing in spring its first collection of organic facial skin care products…

European Group to Introduce New Seals

The European Cosmetics Standards Working Group will introduce common standards for natural and organic beauty…

Organic Pharmacy Opens First Store in U.S.

The Organic Pharmacy has begun doling out its prescription for Americans’ health and beauty.

European Groups Draft Natural Cosmetics Standards

Europe came closer to creating a standardized classification system for organic and natural cosmetics last…

DoshaCare Mines Ayurveda

DoshaCare builds upon centur?ies-old Ayurvedic traditions to appeal to modern-day consumers yearning for a…

Pavilions in Bloom With Natural Brands

"Natural" was the word echoed through the cavernous pavilions of Cosmoprof. Indigenous ingredients from…

Natural Personal Care to Get Standards

Consumers may finally get clued in to what organic and natural means in respect to personal care now that…