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Narcissistic consumer

Marketing and Promotion

The Outside View: The Narcissistic Consumer

Consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow on getting inside the modern shopper’s mind.

clock June 21, 2019Kit Yarrow



The Outside View: Size Isn’t Just a Plus-size Issue

Consultant Jessica V. Couch on why the industry should stop shaming and start understanding the real fit problem.

clock June 4, 2019Jessica V. Couch

Farla Efros HRC

Business Features

The Outside View: How to Best Engage the Demanding Consumer

HRC’s Farla Efros on how consumers are in command.

clock May 29, 2019Farla Efros

Gary Wassner

Fashion Features

The Outside View: Confusion, Consternation and Concern Around NYFW 

Gary Wassner sounds off on the CFDA’s shorter ‘official’ fashion week.

clock May 20, 2019Gary Wassner

Marci Zaroff, second from right, with cotton farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Business Features

The Outside View: Cotton Farming, Circularity and Climate Change

Eco-expert Marci Zaroff on cultivating fashion’s future.

clock April 22, 2019Marci Zaroff

Estimates suggest artificial intelligence could boost retail profitability by 60 percent by reducing marketing costs.


The Outside View: The Future of Choice, Selling AI

Consultant Jonathan Low on the ramifications of focusing consumers.

clock April 12, 2019Jonathan Low

Toby Usnik

Business Features

The Outside View: What Elephant?

Toby Usnik on the true cost of consumption.

clock March 25, 2019Toby Usnik

Jeetendr Sehdev branding

Marketing and Promotion

The Outside View: Haters, Your Most Powerful Advocates

Best-selling author and branding authority, Jeetendr Sehdev on the value of shamelessness and why it’s important to be hated.

clock March 11, 2019Jeetendr Sehdev

Robert Burke Associates


The Outside View: Retail Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Boring

Consultant Robert Burke argues that retailers need the vision and guts to try something new.

clock February 27, 2019Robert Burke

Business Features

The Outside View: Has an Obsession With Speed and Celebrity Killed the Creative Director?

Will we see more celebrities, and high-profile people from outside the industry, replacing trained designers?

clock February 19, 2019Joanne Yulan Jong

Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2019


The Outside View: The Case for American Fashion

Gary Wassner on why New York Fashion Week should not be overlooked.

clock January 28, 2019Gary Wassner

Sea waves, CroatiaVARIOUS


The Outside View: Fashion Pollu-Ocean

“We engineered our way into this mess, so we can innovate our way out of it,” argues eco expert Marci Zaroff.

clock January 24, 2019Marci Zaroff


Marketing and Promotion

The Outside View: Fashion’s Suicidal Path

Martin Lindstrom on why fashion should be careful to not undervalue anticipation even in the digital age.

clock January 4, 2019Martin Lindstrom

Joanne Yulan Jong

Fashion Features

The Outside View: How Tech Has Robbed Photographers of Power and Given it to Influencers

In less than a decade, the arrival of the smartphone and its high-tech capabilities has completely revolutionized photography and publishing.

clock December 3, 2018Joanne Yulan Jong



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Pitti Filati.


Will Italian Yarn Makers Be Able to Up Their Game?

clock 6hSandra Salibian

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