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Marci Zaroff with clothing rack

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The Outside View: Looking Back at 2020’s Balancing Act

Marci Zaroff on what the world learned last year and how it’s changing for the better.

clock February 1, 2021Marci Zaroff


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The Outside View: ‘Tis the Season-less

Eco expert Marci Zaroff on the new consumer attitudes taking root this holiday.

clock December 17, 2020Marci Zaroff

George gottl headshot

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The Outside View: Wake Up to the Ways of Gaming

Fashion can’t fully embrace gamification while it still clings to a 19th-century mind-set.

clock November 25, 2020George Gottl

Yes And vote T shirts.

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The Outside View: Navigating 2020’s Reality With Optimism

Marci Zaroff argues for accepting the “weight” of today and moving forward with optimism.

clock September 29, 2020Marci Zaroff

people online drawing mobile phones

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The Outside View: COVID-19 Has Made Virtual Communities Crucial

Amber Atherton on how digital communities are becoming a key part of the brand playbook.

clock August 20, 2020Amber Atherton

Mari zaroff

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The Outside View: Fashion’s EcoRenaissance, a Cultural Rebirth

Eco expert Marci Zaroff says the next generation of consumers and designers will care less about the superficiality of runway shows.

clock August 3, 2020Marci Zaroff

An employee sprays some alcoholic gel on customers' hands outside a fashion shop in Tunis, Monday, May, 11, 2020. Fashion shops reopen Monday in Tunisia allowing citizens to buy new outfits to celebrate the Aid next weekVirus Outbreak , Tunis, Tunisia - 11 May 2020

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The Outside View: Turning Coronavirus Weakness Into Strength

Branding expert Martin Lindstrom on this moment’s critical question.

clock May 18, 2020Martin Lindstrom

shopper mask coronavirus groceries

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The Outside View: Consumers Will Shop Again

Consumers will return, but the retail landscape will not be the same. Antony Karabus on how retailers can navigate the new normal.

clock April 10, 2020Antony Karabus

Pharmacy on Oxford Street selling face masks.Coronavirus outbreak, London, UK. - 6 Mar 2020

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The Outside View: The Pandemic’s Lasting Impact

Marketing expert Martin Lindstrom on the longer-term impact of the coronavirus.

clock March 19, 2020Martin Lindstrom

Shoppers wear face masks and sanitize their hands on the sidewalk at Herald Square in New York.

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The Outside View: The Coronavirus Playbook

Gary Wassner on what the industry can do to work together during calamity.

clock March 16, 2020Gary Wassner

A woman stands under an advertisement in Tokyo.

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The Outside View: Marketing Costs and Complexity in a Digital World

HRC Retail Advisory’s Farla Efros on the growing importance, complexity and cost of marketing in a more crowded and competitive marketplace.

clock February 21, 2020Farla Efros


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The Outside View: The Cool Factor of Sustainability

Marci Zaroff on how eco-awareness is changing consumers and fashion.

clock January 28, 2020Marci Zaroff


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The Outside View: Returns Are Every Retailer’s Double-Edged Sword

Tom Robertson on how to make returns help us more than hurt us.

clock December 18, 2019Thomas S. Robertson

fit jeans

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The Outside View: Matching People to Product Is Fashion’s Saving Grace

Fit expert Jessica Couch on why fit technology is not as complicated as many believe. 

clock December 3, 2019Jessica V. Couch

Andrea Weiss

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The Outside View: It’s Never Too Late to Build Social Good Into Retail

Andrea Weiss on how to build social good into an established business.

clock November 5, 2019Andrea Weiss

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clock February 27, 2021Jennifer Weil

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