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Wiliot Announces Battery-Free Bluetooth Tag, $30 Million Series B Round

Announced Monday at the NRF Big Show, Amazon web services, Avery Dennison and Samsung join Wiliot's investors…

In the Beauty Industry, 3-D Printing Packs a Punch

The process, with sustainable features, is beginning to be scaled by brands for packaging.

Beauty Brands Walk the Sustainability Talk

Bands and suppliers are becoming ever more creative on the eco-friendly front.

Beauty Makers Strive for ‘Zero Waste’

Product and packaging manufacturers are aiming to up their sustainability game.

Shifting Priorities for Beauty Product Packaging

Manufacturers are making ever more high-tech and sustainable creations with an eye on speed-to-market.

Think Tank: Packaging as Brand Ambassador

Ken Chrisman, president of the product care division at Sealed Air, explains how online shopper experiences…

From Shelf to Cart: Beauty Packages Have Five Seconds to Make the Sale

Beauty packages have a bigger role than ever in purchasing decisions.

Luxe Pack Monaco Attendee Count Advances 2%

The trade show catered to a wide spectrum of packaging needs, from ecological to high-tech.