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PayPal Commerce Tools Designed to Facilitate ‘Contextual Commerce’

With new tools, retailers can enable customers to buy more immediately.

EBay Inc. Completes Sale of eBay Enterprise

EBay Inc. completed the transaction of eBay Enterprise, the final stage in a longtime dismantling of the tech… and PayPal Team for Student Initiative

Online retailer partners with worldwide payments system on mobile-first student experience.

PayPal Has ‘Settling-Up’ Option for Group Gift-Giving

The option can be used to portion out payments from any group, whether dining at a restaurant or for…

PayPal Gets Modest, Buys Mobile Commerce Platform

PayPal's deal for Modest could make it easier for smaller merchants to enter the world of mobile shopping.

The Mobile Wallet: As Competition Grows, Still a Long Way to Go

Despite growing acceptance, the actual percentage of sales that occur this way to date remains tiny.