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Perret Schaad RTW Fall 2017

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Perret Schaad RTW Fall 2017

Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad’s fall 2017 collection was all about colorful abstractions and reflections.

clock January 20, 2017Quynh Tran

A Showcase of Dawid Tomaszewski at Der Berliner Mode Salon

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Der Berliner Mode Salon and Specialized Trade Fairs Drive Confidence in Berlin

Further specializing and growing, the Berlin fairs and Der Berliner Mode Salon attracted international retail attention and more support from the industry and politics.

clock July 5, 2016Quynh Tran

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Perret Schaad Teams With Hannah Herzsprung

Perret Schaad collaborated with actress Hannah Herzsprung and video artists Transforma for a fashion video.

clock July 1, 2016Quynh Tran

Perret Schaad RTW Fall 2016

Fashion Features

Perret Schaad RTW Fall 2016

Perret Schaad presented their fall 2016 collection in a home improvement center.

clock January 22, 2016Quynh Tran



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