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Primark Founder Arthur Ryan Dies at 83

George Weston, chief executive officer of Associated British Foods, parent of Primark, called Ryan a "great…

Study: Living Wages in Apparel Brands’ Supply Chains Need Improvement

Several of the 20 brands highlighted including H&M, Primark and Gucci challenged the findings and highlighted…

Go East, Young Brand: European Fashion Looks to Former Soviet Bloc for Growth

Rising demand in eastern Europe is the only thing keeping some mainstream brands afloat. And the market there…

How Worried Should the World’s Apparel Industry Be About Germany’s Slowdown?

Germany is one of the world's biggest markets for fashion and last week, its economic growth was downgraded…

Primark Opens Its Largest Store in Birmingham, With 1,000 on Staff

British high street retailers may be suffering, but not Primark.

Influence Peddler: Alessandra Steinherr Aims to Make Skin Care Accessible to All Through Primark

After a successful skin-care launch with Primark, she's rolling out three more products.

More ‘Fake Vans’

Vans files another trademark infringement lawsuit, this time against Target.

Vans Is Suing Primark Over ‘Fake Vans’

The footwear company says Primark is copying two of its iconic sneakers.

Will the Grinch Ruin Christmas for Britain’s Retailers?

The pre-Christmas "golden" season has gotten off to a slow start, but retailers are still hopeful.

A Tale of Two Retailers: Primark Soars as New Look Plans to Shut Stores

The U.K. high street remains in trouble, although Primark is doing just fine.

EXCLUSIVE: McKinsey on Measuring the Fashion World

The consultancy's latest report sets to create a common language around getting goods to market faster.

Primark Seals Deal With Unicef to Help Cambodian Children

The retail brand is also supporting Unicef's emergency response operations.

Primark Built a Brooklyn Behemoth, but Will They Come?

Fast-fashion has been beleaguered for some time, though the retailer says its business has improved.

Value Retailers Dominate U.K. Apparel Market

GlobalData's latest research reveals that despite maturation, Millennials still opt for fast fashion over…

European Stock Markets Climb in Mid-Morning Trading

Retail and luxury stocks were also on the rise.