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Rent the Runway

Clothing for Rent: Here’s What Brands Need to Prioritize

A new survey from CGS reveals opportunity for apparel retailers and brands looking to explore nascent rental…

Will There Be Drop-off Drama for Rent the Runway and WeWork?

The partners have both experienced issues with their separate businesses in recent weeks.

Rent the Runway Back to Business After Systems Upgrades

Today, the company released a press update indicating it's back to "business as usual," but business is…

JewelryPass Renting Sparkle for Monthly Fee

Jewelry shows less wear and tear than clothing, and has far fewer size issues.

Rent the Runway Competitor Speaks Out On What They Do Differently

Ambika Singh, founder and ceo of MIT-incubated apparel subscription rental Armoire, says how they are a "very…

Rent the Runway Is a Unicorn With Growing Pains

Industry experts weigh in on the tech rental unicorn's recent operational upgrades which delayed orders and…

Digital Forum: Jetblack’s Jennifer Fleiss on Conversational Disruption

The Rent the Runway alum talks about her new venture and how it plays into retail's future.

Rent the Runway Played Dirty to Corner Market, FashionPass Insists

The rental brand's upper management enacted a "predatory scheme" to eliminate rivals, FashionPass claims in…

Urban Outfitters Fails to Impress in Q2

Fashion misses and too much of the same thing caused sales declines, executives say.

Banana Republic Debuts Style Passport

The new subscription service allows shoppers to rent up to three pieces of women's apparel for $85 a month.

Nike Kicks Off Subscription Business With Kids Shoes

The company is hoping to tap into the growing rental industry, while creating lifelong brand loyalists.

The Technology That Makes the Fashion Rental Business Tick

Automation drives the rental economy, powering both value-driven subscription boxes from ThredUp and…

Luxury Rental Showroom By:Fashionaholic Expanding to Los Angeles

The Chicago-based business will open a permanent West Hollywood showroom in September on the heels of a…

Nordstrom Installs Four Rent the Runway Drop-Off Sites

Nordstrom could install many more rtw drop off sites but will examine the data from and the reactions to the…

What, Me Worried?

Even as the resale market gains traction, it's no threat to retailers selling new products.