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Pitney Bowes Reports Global Parcel Volume Reached More Than 131B in 2020

The company's report suggests volume will double by 2026.

What’s Really Going On With Sourcing Costs?

When the cost of shipping a container goes from $2,100 to $23,000, there's a lot going on.

FedEx Discusses Learnings After a Year in Peak Shipping

Ryan Kelly, vice president of e-commerce and alliances, discusses the short- and long-term impacts of the…

The Great Consumer Dispersion

New data from Pitney Bowes shows the economic and societal impacts from the dispersal of consumption due to…

Bring It Back: Survey Reveals Intent to Return Sentiment

ShipStation shares insights into current attitudes toward returns this holiday season.

Accenture’s Holiday Shipping Study Names Top-performing Retailers

The data measures a variety of key factors across 116 retailers.

Concern for On-time Deliveries Rise as E-commerce Continues to Boom

A new report from examines UPS and FedEx's performance during the pandemic.

Can Retailers Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush?

EY's Jeff Orschell discusses changes in consumer behavior, an anticipated spike in the supply chain, and how…

New Reports Reveal Heightened Consumer Expectations for Fast, Free Shipping

As consumers prepare for a digital-first holiday season, surveys show shoppers prioritize convenient…

FedEx Warns Retailers Not to Play Into the Peak

Delivery carriers have been at peak since March, predicting holiday shopping will create an additional spike.