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Snapchat Ads and Stories Hop the Fence…to Other Apps

Snapchat unveils new ad network, allows Stories to land in outside apps.

Snapchat’s New Updates: Will It Deliver the Growth Story It Needs?

Snap's expansion plan hinges on blasting ads and content beyond Snapchat.

Lego and Snapchat Open Clothing Pop-up…Sans Apparel

Lego teams up with Snapchat for an augmented reality pop-up in London to launch the toymaker's new streetwear…

Snap’s Executive Bleed Continues, as CFO Bails

Snap Inc.'s management exodus claims another, as Wall Street winces.

Luka Sabbat Being Sued for Not Fulfilling His Sunglasses Deal

The influencer wasn't influenced by his contract.

Instagram Edges Out Snapchat Among Teens — Sort of

Piper Jaffray says teens use Instagram more…but Snapchat's still their favorite.

‘Styled by Science’ to Debut on Snapchat

A new Snap Original series will bring fashion makeovers, backed by data, to phones starting Sunday.

Snapchat Teams With Amazon on Snap-to-Buy Feature

Snap's visual search powers get a boost from the e-commerce giant's marketplace.

Digital: Snapchat’s Millennial Picture

The social media platform is helping brands court younger consumers with pictures.

Cosmopolitan Getting Techie With ‘Virtual Try-On’ Makeup Spreads

The magazine is trying to bring more to the table for advertisers and readers.

Snap Makes a Spectacle of Stylish Face Cameras

In honor of New York Fashion Week, the Snapchat company unveils its new fashion-forward, camera-loaded…

Melania Trump Meets With Students in Microsoft’s Innovation and Policy Center

During Thursday's appearance with the teenagers, Trump said "peer-to-peer leadership can be one of the…

Why Retailers Should Watch the Snap-Amazon Partnership

Snap's reportedly working on a new visual search feature that surfaces products from Amazon's marketplace…

Snapchat and Instagram Ramp Up Social Shopping 

Snapchat and Instagram are moving deeper into social shopping.

Snap Didn’t Pop This Quarter

But its redesign definitely cracked, say its disappointing first-quarter earnings.