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Valette Studio Men’s Spring 2023

Designer Pierre-François Valette took Andy Warhol to Capri with a gender-fluid wardrobe that's anything but…

Paul Smith Men’s Spring 2023

The designer knows what his clients are buying because he's still the Saturday boy, working at his Mayfair…

Nahmias Men’s Spring 2023

Celebrity clients love Nahmias: Jennifer Lopez recently posted a picture wearing a silky pajama ensemble…

EgonLab Men’s Spring 2023

Florentin Glémarec and Kévin Nompeix offered up an irreverent escape into Wonderland for spring

Dhruv Kapoor Men’s Spring 2023

A celebration of uplifting fashion stuff, fresh and fun.

B+ Umit Benan Men’s Spring 2023

This collection was worth the 30-minute ride it took to get to his atelier.

Brunello Cucinelli Men’s Spring 2023

Brunello Cucinelli is banking on the return of the suit revisited through nonchalant elegance.

JordanLuca Men’s Spring 2023

The duo's second show in Milan was filled with angst and rage, and had a punkish vibe.

Neil Barrett Men’s Spring 2023

Here was military-inflected garb for summer heat.

Soulland RTW Spring 2023

Soulland's show at Pitti Uomo was imbued with some sartorial experimentation and a clash of childlike…

Wales Bonner Men’s Spring 2023

This was an act of maturity for Wales Bonner and a celebration of craft.

The Trend: Spring Florals

If there is one trend you can always count on, it's the reemergence of floral fashion in spring.

The Trend: Pastel Hues

Entering the spring months, pastel-hued fashions, jewelry and accessories are front and center for shoppers…

The Trend: Regencycore

Period dramas like "Bridgerton" and "The Gilded Age" are calling for a return to formality with fashion…

What the Characters of ‘Bridgerton’ Season Two Would Wear This Spring

The regency-era hit TV show returned last week with a new set of opulent costumes reminiscent of certain…