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Crude Oil Price Gains Spur U.S. Market Rally, Retail Stocks Jump

Crude oil's sudden 4.3 percent jump to $27.32 in midday trading was the boost in the arm that Wall Street…

U.S. Stocks Falter at Open, but Retail Shares Jump

Investors looking for chances to "buy on the dip" will have another opportunity today.

The Stock Roller Coaster Returns

Market volatility piles additional woes on retailers.

Low Retail Stock Values Could Trigger Buyback Programs

As the broader market sells off, a small group of retail and fashion is in danger of seeing their stocks…

Major Fund Investors Lose Faith in Global Economic Strength

China's economic slowdown and sinking corporate profits eroded the confidence of investors in a monthly fund…

Update: Cheap Oil Ignites Global Stock Sell-off, Dow Drops 526 Points

Market fears are in full force as stocks sold off worldwide, and the safe haven of gold rose.

Retailers Optimistic for 2016 at ICR Conference

Optimistic retailers tried to convince analysts and bankers at the ICR Conference that business is going to…

Retail Stocks Plummet as Economic Concerns Drag Dow Down 365 Points

Worries over a slowing economy kept buyers on the sidelines, which left panicky investors to dump shares…

China’s Economic Woes Yet to Impact Retail, Consumer Confidence

Among the raft of bad economic news coming out of China, retail sales and consumer confidence are proving…

Retail Stocks Bounce Back as Dow Jumps

Retail stocks leapt out of the gate with the S&P Retailing Industry Group Index gaining 1.4 percent to…

Retail Stocks Jump as Bulls Buy on Dip

Retail shares in particular saw a bump in trading prices, but as the morning progressed the momentum slowed.

Wall Street’s Wild Ride to Likely Continue in Weeks Ahead

And for fashion apparel retailers, a cautious consumer-spending environment may be the biggest headwind faced.

ICR Conference Gets Under Way in Orlando

Apparel and retail brands will be presenting at the ICR Conference in Orlando, beginning on Monday.

Hedge Fund Pain Felt by Retail Stocks

The performance struggle experienced by hedge funds is felt by the retail stocks they hold.

Chinese Markets Recover

The markets finished the week on a slightly higher note after a turbulent week of trading — and halts in…