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Store associates

This Patent Takes the Worry Out of Cloud Outages

Today, Multimedia Plus announced the issuance of its second patent allowing centrally updatable digital…

Clienteling Gets a Lift: Google Cloud Partners With Tulip

The human touch, clienteling, will continuously redirect to one surface — the touchscreen.

Multimedia Plus Debuts Updated App to Empower Store Associates

The platform offers brand strategies, updated product information, and up-selling opportunities among other…

Think Tank: Hourly Worker, Brand Warrior, the New Battle for Frontline Talent

Matt MacInnis, chief executive officer of Inkling, explains.

Think Tank: How to Ensure Store-Level Execution

Damian Cowell, director of product management at Inkling, explains.

Store Associates Provide Enhanced Engagement as Brand Ambassadors

Salesfloor's latest report reveals that retailers and brands need to upgrade the role of store associates to…

New Survey Finds Retailers Not Prepared for Proper Store Staffing

A new survey found that half of retailers feel unprepared to adequately staff their stores in light of new…

Retail Jobs Cuts Jump 41%

Retail job cuts have jumped 41 percent over last year and are second to the energy industry.

Top 12 Specialty Retailers By Size of Workforce

Specialty retailers employ a large number of workers from sales associates to c-level executives across the…

A&F Drops ‘Sexualized’ Marketing

Both A&F and Hollister brand will follow new corporate guidelines.