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Tapestry Inc.

Firms With Disposable Funds

Retailers storing up billions of dollars in cash may be easy targets for activist investors wishing to make…

The Great Debate: Supporters, Opponents of NYC’s Proposed Fur Ban Clash at City Hall

If a ban on the sale of new fur, shearling and hair-on calfskin goes through, New York City would become the…

Showdown at City Hall: Battling Over New York’s Proposed Fur, Shearling Ban

Fur supporters and animal rights activists have been rounding up their respective constituents in advance of…

Tapestry Makes International Comeback

But first, the fashion house is focusing on issues close to home.

Shares of Tapestry Surge After Earnings Beat

The company's stock was up nearly 15 percent in pre-market trading after improving on topline sales.

Retail’s Latest Disruptor: The Resale Industry

Here's what we know about the fast-growing channel.

Bridget Foley’s Diary: Views on Sustainability: Victor Luis

Last week, after sitting for an interview during which he discussed his group's corporate citizenship goals…

Bridget Foley’s Diary: Stella on Sustainability: The Industry Must Do More

Earth Day prompted a thought about whether fashion companies can realistically balance sustainability with…

Victor Luis: Corporate Responsibility Is Just Good Business

As Tapestry Inc. releases its Corporate Responsibility Report for 2018 and goals for 2025, the ceo discusses…

WWD List: Designers Warming Up to Faux Fur

As more consumers are ditching fur, fashion brands are taking note.

How Tapestry Weaves Innovation

Ceo Victor Luis explained at Shoptalk how the company behind Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman approaches…

Victor Luis Makes a Bullish Case for Tapestry

New creative vision, products and possible acquisitions are driving growth.

Tapestry Inc.’s Profits, Sales Up But Stock Falls

Macro noise may have impact the company, but analysts are expecting a comeback with strength in China.

Stuart Weitzman Charts Forward With New Strategies

Following a year of whirlwind change, the brand's ceo Eraldo Poletto begins to peel back the lid on plans for…

Leadership Changes in the Fashion Industry Continue to Multiply

Here's who's in and out — and why.