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Christian Lacroix’s Latest Fashion Move Is Virtual

The French design company marked its 35th year by going somewhere it had never been before: the metaverse.

Shopping App Combines Features From Instagram, Pinterest and Farfetch

Sept is a new technology launched in 2021 by Yara Al Dhaen.

Kohl’s Picks a New Chief Technology Officer

Kohl's has recently had a string of senior-level executive changes.

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Drops New Fine Fragrance — Its First in Five Years

The launch is the latest move in Victoria's Secret & Co.'s transformation efforts.

Riskified Teams Up With Axerve to Help Merchants Manage SCA Compliance

As a result, merchants see higher approval rates.

Tech Forum: Michelle Phan on the Intersection of Gaming, Crypto and Shopping

Michelle Phan, digital creator and founder of EM Cosmetics, says recent shifts in the social media landscape…

Tech Forum: Amazon Web Services Dishes on Retail’s Tech Imperatives 

Amazon's cloud division walks through the biggest tech priorities facing brands and stores at Fairchild's…

Tech Forum: The TikTok Phenomenon: How Brands Sell More

WWD spoke with executives from TikTok, Abercrombie and Express about how they use and envision the platform.

Tech Forum: For Selfridges, the Future Is Now

Managing director Andrew Keith gets into the retailers' focus on innovation, sustainability and what lies…

Tech Forum: How Meta’s Vision for Shopping, Social, AR Connects in the Metaverse

Meta VP Nicola Mendelsohn explains how all of the company's efforts fit together in the virtual plane, and…

Metaverse Symposium: For Google, the Most Fascinating Metaverse Is Physical

In this WWD Metaverse Symposium session, Google's skunkworks division explains how it's blending the virtual…

Benefit Cosmetics Sees ‘Checkout Success’ in the U.K. With Bolt

Bolt One-Click Checkout addressed Benefit Cosmetic's need to have a seamless checkout experience across their…

Field Notes: Outdoor Trends, Executive Changes and B-t-s

Blue Yonder has a new CEO, and French Toast launches "schoolwear for all" collection.

PopCom Local Unveils Openings, Dubbed ‘iPhone of Vending Machines’

PopCom said it has deployed PopShop Local, its hybrid e-commerce and local brick-and-mortar storefront, at…

Fashion Directory Le Book Launches High-tech Partnership With Ubooker Platform

The 40-year-old directory of industry talents will make all of its creatives available to clients online, via…