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The Conference Board

Consumers Are the Most Confident in Almost 18 Years

A strong jobs market and tax cuts are making households feel better off.

Consumer Confidence Wanes in June

Consumers aren't so sure about economic growth in their short-term outlook.

Global Economies on Course for 2018; Trade Wars a Question for 2019

An escalation of tariffs or quotas could cause supply chain disruptions.

Modest Gains on the Short Term for May’s Consumer Confidence Index

Despite a mixed outlook on the jobs front, the index is still at a historically strong level.

Consumers Upbeat Again; Confidence Level Rises

Participants in the latest survey were upbeat about the jobs front over the next several months.

Consumer Confidence at Highest Level Since 2000

The current level is 130.8, near its high of 132.6 in November 2000.

Consumer Confidence Rises in January

A more positive outlook on the jobs front helped boost the confidence of consumers.

Consumer Confidence Index Slips Over Near-Term Outlook

The near-term outlook on business conditions and job prospects were areas of concern by consumers.

Confidence Over Jobs Front Has Consumers Feeling Upbeat

Business conditions might be somewhat flat, but the availability of jobs six months out is expected to…

Conference Board Predicts 3% Global GDP Growth in 2018

No U.S. recession is expected in 2018 as gross domestic product growth is expected at 2.6 percent from 2017's…

Consumer Confidence Up Again in August

Consumers were more upbeat about current conditions, and only slightly up for the short-term outlook.

Consumer Confidence Rose in June; Jobs Outlook Mixed

Confidence over current conditions are at a nearly 16-year high.

U.S. Economy Expected to Grow at a Slow Pace in 2017

Corporate tax policy change not expected until 2018, and renegotiation of NAFTA could "play out over several…

Consumer Confidence, Weekly Sales Spring Ahead

Confidence rebounds after fall in February; sequential gain in weekly sales best of year.