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Think Tank: How to Manage Risks of International E-commerce

As cross-border e-commerce grows, mitigating risks and friction points is essential.

clock March 15, 2019Rob Keve

Karl Lagerfeld on the runway after the Chanel Pre-Fall 2006 Show in New York.

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Think Tank: Designers May Go, but Fashion Houses Are Forever

Celia Friedman, partner at Oliver Wyman, shares her insights about what sustains the legacy of fashion brands.

clock March 7, 2019Celia Friedman


Business Features

Think Tank: What Fashion Can Learn From Tech’s Diversity Woes

Kenya Wiley is a fashion law attorney and founder of the Fashion Innovation Alliance.

clock March 6, 2019Kenya N. Wiley

The Gutstien Gallery show in 2012.

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Think Tank: The Generosity of Karl Lagerfeld

The SCAD Museum of Art was gifted a large collection of Lagerfeld’s photographs by the designer himself.

clock February 22, 2019Paula Wallace

Kenneth Schulman is a partner at Pryor Cashman with deep experience in licensing in the fashion, apparel and entertainment industries.


Think Tank: 5 Things Licensees Need to Know About License Agreements

Kenneth Schulman is a partner at Pryor Cashman with deep experience in licensing in the fashion, apparel and entertainment industries.

clock February 20, 2019Kenneth Schulman

To win in local markets, retailers must extend a well-known global brand.


Think Tank: The Four Trends Shaping Global E-commerce

The president of eShopWorld U.S. on how retail brands can prepare to deliver on consumer expectations this year.

clock February 15, 2019Cynthia Hollen

Photo courtesy of Lenzing AG.


Think Tank: Enhancing Transparency Through Long-term Visibility

Florian Heubrandner discusses how the fashion industry should uphold traceability for a better sustainable future.

clock February 14, 2019Dr. Florian Heubrandner

Exterior view of the Prada NYC Soho location. The store had displayed ‘Pradamalia’ characters, which sparked criticism for resembling blackface and have since been removed from the storefront.Prada store accused of depicting blackface, New York, USA - 14 Dec 2018

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Think Tank: Did No One Say ‘That’s a Bad Idea?’

Michael Stone and Stephen Paskoff explore why brands continue to ignore inclusion and diversity.

clock February 14, 2019Michael Stone and Stephen Paskoff

Michael R. Marra

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Think Tank: Fashion M&A Is No Fad

Employment law due diligence ensures a “stylish match.”

clock February 14, 2019Michael R. Marra

Retail's dark days are curbed by better use of data.


Think Tank: When It Comes to Data, Use It or Lose It

Corey Pierson is the cofounder of Custora, a cloud-based customer analytics software. 

clock February 13, 2019Corey Pierson

The Detox Market


Think Tank: What the Mass Food, Health, Beauty and Wellness Makeover Means for Brands

Patricia Hong, Andrew Knight and Mark Mechelse discuss.

clock February 8, 2019Patricia Hong and Andrew Knight and Mark Mechelse

Much ado about data.

Marketing and Promotion

Think Tank: With Data, Less Is More

Matthew Nistor is the director of data and analytics at January Digital, a digital marketing agency and marketing consultancy.

clock February 7, 2019Matthew Nistor

Chinese shoppers are arguably even more tech savvy and digital than their western counterparts

Marketing and Promotion

Think Tank: Marketing Luxury to Chinese Consumers

Matt Harty is senior vice president, Asia-Pacific, at The Trade Desk.

clock February 6, 2019Matt Harty

The Chinese New Year kicks off this week.

Business Features

Think Tank: Top Three Beauty Campaigns on WeChat

The campaigns are aligned with the Chinese New Year, which is the Year of the Pig.

clock February 4, 2019Franklin Chu

Smartphones are transforming retail.

Business Features

Think Tank: Getting Smart About Mobile In-store Devices

Stephan Schambach discusses why retailers should consider deploying a bring-your-own-device approach for associates.

clock January 31, 2019Stephan Schambach

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