Voices of Fashion's Black Creatives on the Work to Be Done

clock 9hAndrew Shang and Victor Vaughns Jr. and Thomas Waller and Luis Campuzano and Emily Mercer and Rosemary Feitelberg


The Cost of COVID-19: Gap Inc. Loses $932 Million in First Quarter

clock 16hDavid Moin


Black and in Fashion, Representation in the Workforce

clock 18hEvan Clark

Think Tank


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Why WeChat Is Not Social Media

Growth and engagement rates on the ubiquitous app are sliding. This is how international brands should adjust, writes DLG’s Pablo Mauron.

clock 9hPablo Mauron

People wait in line to enter a reopened Apple Store at The Summit shopping center in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, 13 May 2020. A handful of Apple's US retail stores are being reopened with strict social distancing guidelines for customers amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The spread and containment efforts of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions to daily life across the globe.Apple Store reopening amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in Birmingham, Alabama., USA - 13 May 2020

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The ‘New’ New Normal in Retail 

The coronavirus outbreak is reshaping retail, and companies will need to adjust.

clock May 22, 2020Nitin Mangtani

Pedestrians wearing protective face masks cross an intersection on a shopping street in the Causeway Bay district in Hong Kong, China, 05 May 2020, amid the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. From 08 May Hong Kong people will be allowed to go out in groups of up to eight, as a limit on the size of gatherings in public places is relaxed amid a dwindling number of new COVID-19 cases in the city.Coronavirus situation in Hong Kong, China - 05 May 2020

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COVID-19 Could Usher in a New Normal, Sustainability, Social Purpose

Andrea Weiss discusses how to make the retail recovery more sustainable.

clock May 20, 2020Andrea Weiss

shopping online

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What Retailers Can Learn From DTC Brands

Jason Maynard, senior vice president of global field operations at Oracle NetSuite, shares insights from winning brands.

clock May 18, 2020Jason Maynard

An empty shopping cart in an empty parking lot at a Macy's department store in a mall which is closed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, in Paramus, New Jersey, USA, 30 March 2020. Macy's announced that they will furlough most of its 130 thousand employees starting this week as a result of massive sales losses during the coronavirus pandemic.Macy's To Furlough Most Emplyees Due to Coronavirus, Paramus, USA - 30 Mar 2020

Real Estate

Force Majeure Considerations in Retail Leases

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, what are the obligations that fall under retail leases?

clock May 18, 2020Eric D. Sherman and Marion R. Harris

fashion revolution

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Fashion’s Great French Revolution

Laura Lanteri asks if fashion can instill meaning again, and regain its relevance.

clock May 11, 2020Laura Lanteri


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Reject the Reset, Embrace the Moment

SCAD has launched a masterclass this past spring, during a time when students can “invent and grow.”

clock May 4, 2020Paula Wallace


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Post-Pandemic Reemergence: Preparing for the New Abnormal

Matt Katz, managing partner at SSA & Company, discusses.

clock May 1, 2020Matt Katz

office, coronavirus

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Post-COVID-19: Possible Scenarios for Apparel Design, Sourcing and Production

As post-pandemic plans continue to take shape, Jag Gill, ceo of Sundar, discusses some likely scenarios that the apparel industry can begin to prepare.

clock April 30, 2020Jag Gill

Masked shopper walks past a sign taped to the front door of a CVS Pharmacy, requesting patrons wear masks if they intend on shopping inside due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, in Chelsea, MassVirus Outbreak Masssachusetts, Chelsea, United States - 28 Apr 2020

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Fashion of the Fittest

Christopher Lacy offers a “fitness work out” plan for brands to emerge stronger, post-COVID-19.

clock April 29, 2020Christopher Lacy

coronavirus economy

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How Learnings From the Great Recession Can Prepare Brands for COVID-19

Stephanie Rosenthal, senior program manager at Inturn, discusses key learnings from the recession in 2008 and how off-price retailers may be poised to thrive.

clock April 27, 2020Stephanie Rosenthal

Shopping online e-commerce

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Crisis Continuity: How to Remain Relevant and Prepare for the Future

Monica B. Richman, partner in the New York office at Dentons, and Mary Kate Brennan, an associate at Dentons, discuss.

clock April 23, 2020Mary Kate Brennan and Monica B. Richman

Garment factory

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Supply Diversification — A Luxury for Luxury?

The COVID-19 outbreak has put stress on every area of operation causing companies to adjust for a more effective supply chain.

clock April 23, 2020Roit Kathiala

Antoine Arnault

Business Features

Inspiring Creativity for a Post-Crisis World 

LVMH was able to quickly provide solutions at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak because it has long created value for society as a whole.

clock April 22, 2020Antoine Arnault

RihannaCostume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating China: Through the Looking Glass, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, America - 04 May 2015WEARING GUO PEI

Fashion Features

Think Tank: A Stylist on Life After COVID-19

After the cancellation of the Met Gala, Zadrian Smith saw his busy 2020 work schedule evaporate. What now?

clock April 20, 2020Zadrian Smith

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