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Conscious Consumers Can Rely on Third-Party Certification to Transform Fashion

Ben Mead, managing director for Hohenstein, a founding member of OEKO-TEX, discusses.

Even as the Pandemic Persists, the Future of Retail Is Not Locked Down

SAP's Robin Barrett Wilson shares key trends shaping retail as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Three Pillars for Social Impact Relevancy

COVID-19 and the BLM movement has changed how brands need to connect with consumers.

Why a TikTok Ban Is a Life Lesson for Brands

Andrew Furman discusses effectively using social media in brand marketing strategies.

The Luxury Industry Is Turning to Pop-up Stores to Win Over Chinese Millennials

Franklin Chu discusses luxury retail experiences that are thriving among young shoppers.

Why Growth Marketing Will Help Retailers Stay Afloat

Monica Deretich, an advisory board member at Sailthru, says retailers can nurture leads with personalized…

Why Enhancing Forecasting, Scenario Planning Is imperative Now

Jill Standish discusses how retailers can become "future-ready."

The Undercover Boss: Discerning the Customer Story in Rich Detail

Industry insiders discuss the role of leadership in discerning the customer story.

Global Brands Launch Co-branded Products, Appeal to Chinese Millennials

Co-branded partnerships give brands the chance to connect with new customer segments.

The Post-COVID-19 Digital Brand Landscape

Massive changes in tech and consumers' use of channels were already starting to require a new approach to…

Looking Back at the Rana Plaza Tragedy: What’s Changed Amid the Pandemic?

The authors look at how human rights are faring in the garment sector after the seventh anniversary of the…

COVID-19 Forces Change on Luxury Industry

The luxury industry survived the Great Recession of 2008, and will weather this disruption, too.

Virtual Insanity

Danilo Venturi, director of the Polimoda fashion institute, shares ideas for what fashion needs to do in a…

Unusual Times Call for Unusual Talents

As companies adapt to an uncertain outlook, it might be time to give a larger space to neuroatypical talents…

Dear Retailers: Just Stop, Take a Deep Breath, and Listen

Greg Petro offers food for thought during a most trying time at retail.