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Think Tank

Why WeChat Is Not Social Media

Growth and engagement rates on the ubiquitous app are sliding. This is how international brands should…

The ‘New’ New Normal in Retail 

The coronavirus outbreak is reshaping retail, and companies will need to adjust.

COVID-19 Could Usher in a New Normal, Sustainability, Social Purpose

Andrea Weiss discusses how to make the retail recovery more sustainable.

What Retailers Can Learn From DTC Brands

Jason Maynard, senior vice president of global field operations at Oracle NetSuite, shares insights from…

Force Majeure Considerations in Retail Leases

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, what are the obligations that fall under retail leases?

Fashion’s Great French Revolution

Laura Lanteri asks if fashion can instill meaning again, and regain its relevance.

Reject the Reset, Embrace the Moment

SCAD has launched a masterclass this past spring, during a time when students can "invent and grow."

Post-Pandemic Reemergence: Preparing for the New Abnormal

Matt Katz, managing partner at SSA & Company, discusses.

Post-COVID-19: Possible Scenarios for Apparel Design, Sourcing and Production

As post-pandemic plans continue to take shape, Jag Gill, ceo of Sundar, discusses some likely scenarios that…

Fashion of the Fittest

Christopher Lacy offers a "fitness work out" plan for brands to emerge stronger, post-COVID-19.

How Learnings From the Great Recession Can Prepare Brands for COVID-19

Stephanie Rosenthal, senior program manager at Inturn, discusses key learnings from the recession in 2008 and…

Crisis Continuity: How to Remain Relevant and Prepare for the Future

Monica B. Richman, partner in the New York office at Dentons, and Mary Kate Brennan, an associate at Dentons…

Supply Diversification — A Luxury for Luxury?

The COVID-19 outbreak has put stress on every area of operation causing companies to adjust for a more…

Inspiring Creativity for a Post-Crisis World 

LVMH was able to quickly provide solutions at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak because it has long created…

Think Tank: A Stylist on Life After COVID-19

After the cancellation of the Met Gala, Zadrian Smith saw his busy 2020 work schedule evaporate. What now?