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Thom Browne

John Elliott Spring 2023

The Los Angeles-based designer made his Paris Fashion Week debut with a mix of tough and polished looks, as…

Thom Browne Makes Splash With New Swim Campaign

The designer is taking a gender fluid approach to his board shorts and blouson tops.

Thom Browne Reveals New Swim Campaign, Celine Returns to Paris

Thom Browne is taking a gender-fluid approach to his board shorts and blouson tops, while Celine will close…

The Met Readies to Reveal ‘Kimono Style’ Exhibition

The ongoing influence of Western fashion is also explored in the new show, which will run through Feb. 20.

Thom Browne Takes Eyewear Business In-house

CEO Rodrigo Bazan sees opportunities in the category, and starting July 1, the eyewear business will be…

Zegna Group Aims to Exceed Revenues of 2B Euros in Mid-term

The ambitious plan was revealed during Zegna's first Capital Markets Day since its IPO last December.

What Do the Celebrities Eat at the Met Gala? Melissa King Explains

Chef Melissa King explains what she made for the Met Gala menu and how the night unfolded.

Ermenegildo Zegna Group Q1 Sales Rise 25.4%

In the first three months of the year, the group saw luxury leisurewear and shoes, and a strong rebound of…

Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Thom Browne, Ralph Lauren, Moschino and Gucci Reigned at the 2022 Met Gala

Both American and European brands dominated the Met Gala 2022 red carpet.

Celebrities Hit the Thom Browne Front Row Ahead of Met Gala

Maisie Williams, Cooper Hoffman, David Harbour, Jon Batiste and more supported Thom Browne Friday night.

Thom Browne RTW Fall 2022

Welcome to Thom Browne's Island of Misfit Toys. 

Thom Browne’s Toy Story

The designer celebrates American fashion with a show based on toys for kids and adults.

Wall Street Welcomes Zegna’s First Financial Report

The fashion company said sales would continue to grow in the midteens this year.

Capri Helps Ukraine, Thom’s Big Dog, Kim’s ’90s Nostalgia

Capri donates clothes for Ukraine, Thom Browne's childrenswear ad features his dog, Kim Kardashian taps '90s…

Thom Browne’s Supersized Spring Campaign Stars Jude Hill

The Belfast actor stars alongside the designer's dachshund Hector.