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SpinExpo Shanghai Sees Ongoing Demand for Sustainable, Functional Yarns

Firms at SpinExpo Shanghai said ath-leisure is continuing to influence demand for yarns blending fashion and…

Panel: Update on BAT, NAFTA and VAT

The expectation is there will be some form of taxation to raise revenues so the corporate tax rate can be…

WWD Law Review: Trademarks, Trade and Dapper Dan

Recent activity has centered on trademark filings, President Trump's policies on TPP and NAFTA — and Gucci's…

Southeast Asian Manufacturers Ponder Life After TPP

The region's economies are contemplating other trade deals such as the European Union-Vietnam free trade…

China-Led Trade Deal Could Get Boost From U.S. Quitting TPP

China-led trade deals with Asia-Pacific countries and countries further afield gain traction.

U.S. Consul General for Hong Kong, Macau: TPP Should Be Revived

"The anxiety that people are feeling in the U.S. about their economic condition overwhelmed the logic of the…

Attention of Asian Powers Shifts to China-Led Trade Agreement Following Imminent Demise of TPP

A China-led trade deal gains supports as TPP appears to fall apart.

Smaller Trade Deals Seen Likely in Wake of TPP’s Downfall

The Obama administration conceded Friday that it will not pursue TPP in the lame-duck session of Congress…

AAFA President Criticizes Alibaba Response on Fakes

Rick Helfenbein called Alibaba's response to the organization's complaint over counterfeits the "stupidest…

Brands, Retailers Urge Lawmakers to Approve TPP This Year

Wal-Mart, Gap, J.C. Penney outline the benefits that TPP will bring to their companies and to consumers.

Obama Administration Takes Procedural Step to Advance TPP

The step incrementally advanced TPP but the trade deal faces significant hurdles in Congress.

Delta Galil Opening Factory in Vietnam

The two-story factory will have knitting, sewing and dyeing under one roof.

Vietnam Signals Intent to Speed Adherence to ILO Norms

Vietnam has yet to ratify a number of key ILO core norms such as Convention 87 on freedom of association and…

Industry Says Positive Report Could Push TPP Forward

Labor experts, however, argue projected declines in manufacturing output and employment declines in certain…

ITC Study Finds Small Positive Economic Gain From TPP

TPP would help boost apparel exports and imports, study found.