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Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Spring 2022

The Russian designer looked back to the last century's Roaring '20s for her first coed collection.

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Fall 2021

Ulyana Sergeenko channeled a darker, more mysterious vision with her first collection as a correspondent…

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Spring 2021

Ulyana Sergeenko stepped back a century with her opulent Art Deco-inspired collection.

Bridget Foley’s Diary: That Old-School Runway Is Looking Pretty Good

Fall's early couture showings indicate that digital has a long way to go before it can replace the live…

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Fall 2020

Ulyana Sergeenko channeled Russian folklore, power-dressing style.

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Fall 2019

Ulyana Sergeenko took a trip to the souks of Samarkand for fall.

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Spring 2019

A rebellious streak underpinned Ulyana Sergeenko's collection, giving it an edge intended to evoke feminine…

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Fall 2017

The Russian designer unfolded a new chapter in her tailored couture tales with a collection that referenced…

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Spring 2017

The designer drew inspiration from pagan times in Russia, nature and strong women.

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Fall 2016

The Russian designer was inspired by the Soviet Union in the Sixties, in particular its focus on science and…

Couture Week Organizers Link With Instagram

The French fashion federation has conscripted seven personalities to document the drama and creativity of…

Budgets Trump Billionaires in Russia’s Beleaguered Retail Sector

A lackluster holiday season points to lingering challenges for fashion firms.