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Beauty Features

Can Beauty Be Sustainable?

“The end of life of a material is determined at the point of design.” 

clock September 24, 2020Allison Collins

Unilever products

Beauty Features

Unilever One Step Closer to Headquarters’ Unification

The group’s Dutch shareholders voted in favor of a single London home base for the group.

clock September 21, 2020Jennifer Weil

Dollar Shave Club's old and new logo


Dollar Shave Club Debuts New Look With Omnichannel Model

The Unilever-owned brand has a new redesign to mark its retail distribution that will begin in October at Walmart.

clock September 18, 2020Obi Anyanwu



Zero Waste Packaging Platform Loop Expands Across the U.S.

Loop is taking its effort to curb single-use packaging national with expansion to 48 states.

clock September 17, 2020Kaley Roshitsh

Top row: Fiona Hughes, Alexa Tonner, Natalie Silverstein. Middle: Ryan Stern. Bottom: Angelita Sierra, Amy Luca, Rashmi Nigam.

Mergers and Acquisitions

You & Mr Jones Aims to Become World Leader in Influencer Marketing

The “brandtech” firm has acquired U.S. influencer marketing company Collectively, which it will merge with TheAmplify.

clock August 6, 2020Joelle Diderich

Alan Jope

Business Features

Not Going Out: Stay-at-Home Habits Shape Unilever Sales Trends in H1

Unilever’s ceo Alan Jope described the first half as “testing,” with record levels of growth, and decline — all happening at the same time.

clock July 23, 2020Samantha Conti

Love Beauty and Planet


Unilever Looks to Remain ‘Agile’ as Turnover Dips 1.6 percent in H1

The consumer giant said it would allocate resources to regions “week by week” as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and plans to ramp up marketing campaigns in the second half.

clock July 23, 2020Samantha Conti

Fenty's tie-in with Hey Tea.

Beauty Features

Branding Experts Weigh In on ‘Whiteners’

Most say merely changing descriptives of such skin-care products is not enough to educate consumers about the beauty of diversity.

clock July 10, 2020Jennifer Weil

Facebook HQ building Facebook headquarters, Dublin, Ireland - 14 Sep 2018

Fashion Scoops

The Fashion, Beauty and Media Brands Pulling Ads from Facebook

Major brands are pulling their advertising from the social media platform as part of the “Stop Hate For Profit” campaign.

clock July 2, 2020Layla Ilchi

Mark ZuckerbergVivaTech fair in Paris, France - 24 May 2018Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during the VivaTech fair in Paris, France, 24 May 2018. The annual commercial convention runs from the 24 to 26 May.


Facebook Execs to Address Advertisers in Mass Meeting

The social media giant is facing a growing ad boycott and a new call to fire a top policy executive, Joel Kaplan.

clock June 29, 2020Kali Hays

L'Oréal's headquarters

Beauty Features

L’Oréal Removing ‘Whitening’ and ‘Lightening’ Descriptives for Skin Care

The world’s largest beauty company is removing such adjectives for its skin-evening products, largely sold in Asia.

clock June 27, 2020Jennifer Weil

Unilever Hamburg, Germany


Unilever Joins Facebook Ad Boycott, Stretches It Through Year-end

Facebook has just agreed to a “civil rights audit,” again, as more companies join a boycott aimed at addressing racist speech on the platform.

clock June 26, 2020Kali Hays

Indonesia National Agency of Drugs and Food Control (BPOM) officers display skin whitening beauty products that are considered as illegal and a danger to human health before they are destroyed, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, 07 November 2017. Some beauty products are considered hazardous as they contain mercury as ingredients. Indonesia is an illegal goods destination and market, which are procured through international smuggling, especially Chinese products those from other Asian countries. According to a 2009 report published by Global Industry Analysts, the skin lightening industry has an estimated global value of 10 billion US dollar, with a projected value of 23 billion US dollar by 2020. The products are used throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where segments of the population subscribe to the belief that lighter skin connotes wealth, beauty, sophistication and elevated class standing. Due to lax regulation in this field of cosmetic products and treatments, numerous health risks are associated with the use of skin lightening and skin bleaching products. In May 2017, a skin bleaching product available online called Royal Expert Whitening Cream was tested by the Health Services Authority in Singapore and was found to contain high levels of mercury, a heavy metal which can cause mercury poisoning, as well as psychiatric and neurological problems. Despite the risks, the demand for these products is increasingly high throughout Asia, where historical social norms state that dark skin is a signifier of laboring outdoors and thus being a part of a lower economic class. Companies such as Beirsdorf AG, Clarins SA, and Dabur India Limited offer skin creams, pills and injections which claim to decrease skin pigmentation. People who desire a more comprehensive skin whitening regimen can undergo skin bleaching and laser treatments in an attempt to change their complexion.Despite health r...

Skin Care

Unilever Ditches Referencing to White, Whitening on Skin-care Labels

The parent of Dove and Pond’s will also change the name of its “Fair & Lovely” skin products, which are sold across Asia.

clock June 25, 2020Samantha Conti

Richelieu Dennis with Sundial's co-founders Nyema Tubman and Mary Dennis.

Beauty Features

The Trailblazers: Richelieu Dennis and Cashmere Nicole on How They Built Their Brands

Starting a successful company is a daunting challenge for anyone. For Black people, the hurdles are even greater. Here, Richelieu Dennis and Cashmere Nicole share how they built their companies — and the change that needs to happen moving forward so that more people can follow in their footsteps.

clock June 20, 2020Jenny B. Fine

Alan Jope

Government and Trade

Unilever Sets 1 Billion Euro Climate Fund

The consumer giant has set an ambitious agenda to be carbon neutral by 2039.

clock June 14, 2020Samantha Conti

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