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Celebrating 20 Years of Beauty Inc

We take a look back at the iconic covers and directional stories that have helped shape the beauty industry.

Wellness Watch: Creating New Cultural Norms

Physical traits once considered shameful are now being celebrated by a new generation of entrepreneurs who…

Master Class: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on Her New Beauty Brand

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's new beauty brand harnesses the insights gleaned from the…

The Surge in Teeth Straightening

The business of achieving a perfect smile is booming in the age of Zoom.

Walmart Continues to Grow; Expects E-commerce Revenues to Reach $75 Billion

The retailer raised its full-year outlook as a result.

Goop and Celebrity Cruises Further Partnership

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop brand is bringing its favorite practitioners to a series of "well-being cruises" this…

The Future of Wellness, According to the Vitamin Shoppe and WW CEOs

As consumers have become more committed to their health and wellness, The Vitamin Shoppe and WW have shifted…

The Future of Wellness, According to Aveda’s Barbara De Laere

"I believe that the future of wellness and self care is moving beyond holistic care for the physical body…

Walmart’s Wellness Agenda

Walmart is aiming to bring wellness to the masses.

Isaac Boots on Mind-Body Fitness With Purpose

"This year proved that no one is invincible, no matter what. Health is everything," Boots said.

Mood-boosting Beauty, Meditative Rituals and Skin Care Devices to Reshape Wellness in Inter-COVID-19

According to a report by The Future Laboratory, beauty consumers are rejecting the idea of "bouncing back" to…

From Taboo to Talked About: Sexual Health as Wellness

Catherine Balsam-Schwaber (Kindra), Beatrice Dixon (The Honey Pot) and Éva Goicochea (Maude) discuss their…

Obituary: Kundalini Yoga Teacher Guru Jagat Dies at 41

Jagat, whose fans included Kate Hudson and Alicia Keys, was a serial entrepreneur with her own fashion line.

The Oh Collective Wants to Change How China Thinks About Sex

The brand is set on closing the pleasure gap for females and shifting the $9 billion and growing sexual…

Inside the Minds of Millennial Parents, Including Karolína Kurková

Karolína Kurková and other Millennial parents are approaching child-raising differently than previous…