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What to Watch

What to Watch: Hair-clip Fever

Hair clips — an affordable, optimistic accessory — will be a major trend in 2019.

What to Watch: Curvy Players Continue to Proliferate

Celebrities, designers and web sites continue to infiltrate this growing business.

Fashion Expected to Take a More Futuristic Turn With 3-D Design, Events, Runway Shows

More sci-fi-minded and forward-thinking ones like Iris van Herpen and FashionTech's Anouk Wipprecht are…

What to Watch: Rising Cash Balances, IPO Activity Could Spur M&A Deals

Deal focus is expected to be less on technology and more on diversification.

What to Watch: 2019 Could Be a Big Year for Bankruptcies

Speculation is that those filing will be doing so for the first time, as well as many who will be doing their…

What to Watch: British Businesses Try to Keep Calm, Carry On as Brexit Deadline Looms

British businesses are soldiering on, making contingency plans and trying to look on the bright side of life.

What to Watch: Consumer Spending

The trade war, interest rates and stock market gyrations are all factors to watch.

What to Watch: Britain’s Retail Sector Faces Short-term Pain, but Long-term Gain, as Crises Reach a Head

Fewer, better shops are on the horizon as the sector grapples with excess, complacency and, now, discounting.

What to Watch: Wearables to Find Flight in Health in 2019

The momentum behind smartwatches, smart clothes, hearables and more continues.

What to Watch: The Retail Upheaval

The debate is whether the robust holiday 2018 spending reflects a short- or long-term consumer cycle.

What to Watch: The Stocks Worth Eyeing

Don't expect a recession, but a slowdown might be on the menu.

What to Watch: IFRS 16 Rule to Change Lease Accounting

Future lease rents will be recorded as debt on the balance sheet under the new rule, which is expected to…

What to Watch: L.A. Tech a Story of Hollywood Convergence

The technology landscape continues to mature as tech and entertainment find synergies with one another.

What to Watch: Change Remains a Constant for Retail Real Estate

Real estate will adapt to new retail uses.

What to Watch: Digital Natives Dig In

The hordes of brands that found their store online are making themselves heard and changing the fashion…