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What to Watch

Home Goods as Fashion

Shoppers are spending more on trendy home goods during lockdown to turn their living spaces into personal…

Will the Rental Market Replace Fast Fashion?

A new crop of rental start-ups are on a mission to offer quality fashion at affordable price points, as a…

Ath-leisure and Cannabis Industries Continue to Grow in California

Brands like L.A. Collective and A Golden State are expanding amid the pandemic.

Athletic Companies Bank On At-home Fitness

Will the exercise-at-home trend continue post-COVID-19?

Victoria’s Secret’s Next Move

The lingerie brand's parent company is soaring on Wall Street. But will consumers embrace the new Angels?

The Growing Activewear Market

The activewear apparel games are in full swing as a number of smaller players face off against athletic…

New Luxury Hot Spots to Know in China

The southwestern powerhouses Chengdu, Chongqing and Kunming, and Hainan's Sanya are some of the…

How Holiday 2020 Plays Out

Compared to years past, holiday 2020 is rife with far greater uncertainties and unknowns.

Wholesale Isn’t Dead, It Just Needs to Take Risks, Return to Its Roots

It's down, but it's not out: Wholesale is ready for a refresh, and it's up to the big stores to trust the…

The Perplexity of Planning in a Pandemic

Across the spectrum of retailing, executives maintain their organizations are agile and their business…

Stock Market Mayhem

The market had a summer rebound, but just what happens next is still anybody's guess.

New Breed of Commerce Takes Cues From Old

E-commerce is about more than just web stores. Newer forms aim to bring the personalized feel of old-school…

Exiting Bankruptcy

Some major retailers who filed for Chapter 11 during the pandemic are moving onward after a trip in court…

What to Watch: Sales of Luxury Goods in China to End the Year Above 2019

As long as China keeps its unemployment rate at a reasonable low level and stay responsive to potential…

Are the 2020s When Print Media Will End?

Some major publishing executives are already counting down the number of years print as a medium has left.