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Year In Review

Year in Review: Beauty M&A Recap 2021

This year saw major deals from Procter & Gamble, Estée Lauder and other major players in the beauty industry.

Year in Review: ‘Uncontrollable,’ ‘Tsunami’ — the Supply Chain in 2021

The supply chain was so problematic in 2021, it made its way into mainstream memes.

Year in Review: The 10 Stories of 2021 That Set Fashion’s Course in the Metaverse

The past year put fashion on a new digital trajectory. Destination: The metaverse, where fashion is virtual…

Year in Review: Celebs Rocking Their Own Fashion Brands

Famous people are cutting out the middleman — fashion companies and retailers — and creating their own…

Year in Review: Sustainability’s Biggest Controversies of 2021

Several long-tail sustainability issues resurfaced this year, and fashion brands got reprimanded for their…

Year in Review: Big Was Beautiful in Luxury Goods

Luxury analysts say consumers worldwide gravitated to the "must-have" megabrands.

Year in Review: The Vaccine: The Great Enabler

The vaccine allowed customers to shop more comfortably in stores, and global trade shows and fashion shows to…

The Biggest Fashion Collaborations of 2021

High-fashion mashups and celebrity partnerships were the highlights of the year in fashion collaborations.

The Biggest Fashion News Stories of 2021

The year's news stories consisted of fashion house and media shakeups, historic moments and companies…

The People We Lost in 2021

Remembering the fashion designers, executives and prominent figures who passed away this year.