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Beauty Retailers: The V.I.P. List

Cutting-edge retailers around the world divulge the five launches they’re most excited about for fall-and…

Mikhail Sannikov: Eau de Oil

If one entrepreneur has his way, a new type offragrance will soon hit Russian stores: politicalperfume.

Lagerfeld’s Moscow Adventure

Karl Lagerfeld and Naomi Campbell visit Moscow for a presentation of Chanel's Paris-Moscow collection.

Eastern European Retailers Feel a Chill

In Eastern Europe, a nascent and previously expanding market for luxury goods firms, it isn’t only Russia…

Despite Grim Retail Climate, H&M Opens in Moscow

H&M’s first Russian store opened here Friday with a scrum for discount coupons and lines of up to 30 people…

Carrefour in Talks for Russian Chain

Carrefour Group said negotiating the acquisition of Sedmoï Kontinent (“Seventh Continent” in English), one of…

Quick Look: Poland’s Beauty Market

In terms of overall value, Russia is the major Eastern European market for many cosmetics firms, though…

World Wide Watch: Ukraine

Despite being hit hard by the global financial crisis, Ukraine's natural propensity for all things beauty…

Moscow Retailers Feel the Crunch

The news from Russia hasn't gotten any better.

European Retailers Brace for Downturn

Department stores in Europe react more mildly than their American counterparts to financial crisis.

From Russia, Less Love: Luxe Shoppers Cut Back

The financial crisis is sending a chill through Moscow’s once red-hot retail scene.

Richie Fetes Plastinina’s Latest Moscow Opening

Nicole Richie flew into Moscow for the Friday night opening of Kira Plastinina's new shop-in-shop at TsUM…

Russian Designers Cope With Easing Demand

Although they’re attracting ever more customers at home and abroad, Russian designers are not immune to the…

Dasha Zhukova’s Moscow Gallery

The Russian "It" girl opens the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture.

Letter From Moscow: Shoppers Welcome the New

Moscow is no stranger to reinvention.