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Allison Collins

Beauty Editor, Finance

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How Tatcha Built Out Its New C-suite

"If the C-suites are dominated by one demographic, and then you require that experience, you're only going to…

Atelier Cologne Is Pulling Out of U.S., Canada

Atelier Cologne was acquired by L'Oréal in 2016.

Estée Lauder Posts Best Quarter Yet

The beauty company had its highest net sales quarter ever over the holiday season.

AS Beauty Buys Cover FX

AS Beauty plans to accelerate Cover FX's sales online, including through Amazon.

E.l.f. Beauty Raises Guidance, Goes Fully Clean

"Our Gen Z consumers increasingly are more and more concerned about what are the ingredients in their…

Underlining Beauty Raises $6 Million Round

Underlining makes Nailboo, Tatbrow and Hide, and has plans for more product launches.

Pacifica Lands PE Investment, Hires Nathalie Kristo as CEO

Pacifica makes affordable, cruelty-free, vegan beauty products.

Chanel, Olaplex Back ‘Cosmetic Lab of the Future’

Founded by MIT grad Jasmina Aganovic, Arcaea aims to harness biology to sustainably make and provide beauty…

Inside Beauty’s Board Diversity

"The best decisions are made with a diverse collection of ideas and thoughts and perspectives, and every…

IFF Appoints Frank Clyburn CEO

Clyburn joins the company from Merck.

Winky Lux’s Natalie Mackey Talks Retail, Paid Social and Launching in Ulta

Winky Lux's Natalie Mackey talks acquiring customers in a post-iOS update world.

Is K18 The Next Big Thing in Hair Care?

Hair investors are all hyped up after the Olaplex IPO — and some think K18's keratin-oriented technology may…

Betterware de Mexico to Acquire Jafra U.S., Mexico

Betterware executives said they plan to use Jafra's foothold in the U.S. market to expand its homewares…

Walgreens Looks Into Selling Boots, CEO Confirms

The potential sale comes as Walgreens focuses more on the U.S. health care business.

Doja Cat, Iggy Azalea Partner BH Cosmetics Files for Bankruptcy

The company bet on celebrity collaborations with Doja Cat and Iggy Azalea to propel sales.