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Ana DeVito

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Leesa Evans on Styling Amy Schumer and Costuming ‘Snatched’

"I think in the beginning, she didn't realize how much clothing might influence her," said Evans of Schumer's…

Sebastian Tribbie: Professional Memer and #TFWGucci Contributor

"It's such a good idea. I'm sure other brands are going to pop right on," said Tribbie of #TFWGucci.

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Advice From Hugh Jackman’s Father

Jackman attended the launch of Montblanc for UNICEF at the New York Public Library.

Morgan Freeman Has ‘Never Successfully Stolen Anything’

"I've tried a couple of times and just came to the conclusion that that was never going to be my bag."

Ritesh Batra Thanks the Late Alan Rickman at ‘The Sense of an Ending’ Screening

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Dane DeHaan Calls Out ‘Craziness’ of Wall Street at ‘A Cure for Wellness’ Screening

"We're using sound and image to conduct a sort of experiment on the audience," said director Gore Verbinski.