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Women's and Men's Fragrances


Fragrance of the Year: The Finalists

The 28 Fragrance of the Year finalists were nominated based on fragrance, marketing strategy, packaging and advertising.

clock June 17, 2015Anna Dysinger

Nicholas Karnaze


Entrepreneurial Edge: Braving New Territory

Karnaze’s beard and camo may not scream beauty entrepreneur but it is the source of inspiration for his men’s grooming line.

clock June 9, 2015Anna Dysinger


Color Cosmetics

Ones to Watch: Makeup

Who says the makeup category is overcrowded? These three newcomers certainly don't think so.

clock June 9, 2015Anna Dysinger


Marketing and Promotion

App Watch: Periscope

When the live-streaming app Periscope launched on March 26, more than one million users signed in within the first 10 days.

clock June 8, 2015Anna Dysinger


Marketing and Promotion

Marketing Makeover: Shiseido’s Ibuki Ad Campaign

This year, Shiseido retrenched, creating a new campaign for Ibuki—complete with fun language and colors that pop— that launches in August.

clock June 8, 2015Anna Dysinger

Beauty, Products, Blush

Color Cosmetics

Beauty Retail Trend: Blush

First came eyes, then lips. Is blush the next big thing?

clock June 7, 2015Anna Dysinger

Marcus Antebi

Beauty Features

Food for Thought: Juice Press Founder Marcus Antebi Talks Beauty and Wellness

The outspoken founder of Juice Press talks about the blurring lines between beauty and wellness.

clock June 7, 2015Anna Dysinger


Color Cosmetics

In Living Color: Blue is the Hue

Beauty brands are singing the blues.

clock June 7, 2015Anna Dysinger

Melissa Benoist

Beauty Features

Girl of the Moment: Melissa Benoist

The 26-year-old Glee alumna, was cast as the lead in Supergirl, CBS’s big bet for fall whose trailer garnered more than 10 million views in one week.

clock June 6, 2015Anna Dysinger


Shelf Life: The Best New Serums

The newest standout serums run the gamut from correcting to contouring.

clock June 5, 2015Anna Dysinger

Amore Pacific Sun Protection Mist, $75

The weightless spray protects from UVA and UVB rays, and hydrates and cools skin with matsutake mushroom.


Shelf Life: Watery Beauty Products

Mists and lotions in watery formats move beyond just hydrating benefits.

clock June 5, 2015Anna Dysinger

Ellie Goulding, MAC

Color Cosmetics

MAC Teams Up With Ellie Goulding

MAC Cosmetics has tapped singer Ellie Goulding for a new collection bowing in December.

clock June 4, 2015Anna Dysinger

Caitlyn Jenner, Vanity Fair

Marketing and Promotion

The Caitlyn Question: Will Advertisers Embrace Her?

Brands, including MAC Cosmetics, are beginning to ponder whether to tap Caitlyn Jenner as one of its faces.

clock June 3, 2015Sharon Edelson


Color Cosmetics

Lip Service: Best Selling Lipsticks Around the World

Which lipsticks do Sephora shoppers around the world buy? Here, the standout sellers.

clock May 30, 2015Anna Dysinger

BRTC, Beauty


Trending Now: Korean Beauty Brands

Korean beauty brands are about to debut in U.S. aisles.

clock May 10, 2015Anna Dysinger

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Influencer accounts peddling fake designer goods are taking hold on social platforms, according to a new AAFA report Wednesday.


Retail Trade Group Targets Counterfeit Marketing on Social Media

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