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voluspa, best valentines day candles


The 16 Best Valentine’s Day Candles

Set the mood with these festive fragrances and decorative vessels from Voluspa, Diptyque and more.

clock 3hEmily Belfiore

susanne kaufmann, best bath oils


The 15 Best Bath Oils That Create a Luxurious Soak

Pamper your mind with a calming and restorative soak thanks to these essential oil-fortified bath oils, which also boast moisturizing and softening skin care benefits.

clock 20hEmily Belfiore

reshma-beauty, best henna hair dyes


The 9 Best Henna Hair Dyes That Support Healthier Strands

Preserve, enhance and embolden your strands with these naturally made hair dyes that won’t result in damage or breakage.

clock 21hEmily Belfiore

asavea, best teeth whitening pens


The 10 Best Teeth-whitening Pens for an Instantly Brighter Smile

Achieve a pearly white smile without scheduling a visit to the dentist courtesy of these innovative teeth-whitening products.

clock 21hEmily Belfiore

green cannon spa, best spa gift baskets


The 10 Best Spa Gift Baskets and Bath Sets

Bring the spa to your home with these perfectly-curated bath gift sets.

clock January 19, 2021Emily Belfiore

follain, best soy candles


The 14 Best Soy Candles for a Calming Ambiance

Awaken your senses while creating a tranquil oasis with these long-burning, expertly crafted candles.

clock January 19, 2021Emily Belfiore

elemis, best collagen serums


The 14 Best Collagen Serums for Enhanced Firmness and Wrinkle Reduction

Fight the common signs of aging while enhancing your skin’s overall firmness, radiance and tone with these innovative formulas.

clock January 15, 2021Emily Belfiore

best sleep mask, under eye depuff, Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eyemask


The 12 Best Sleep Masks for Reducing Puffy Under-Eye Circles

Explore the best sleep masks that depuff stubborn under-eye circles and bags.

clock January 14, 2021Emily Belfiore

mdesign, best makeup organizers


The 10 Best Makeup Organizers to Upgrade Your Beauty Storage

Free up real estate on your vanity and comfortably store your favorite products with these strategically designed organizers.

clock January 14, 2021Emily Belfiore

hip peas, best kids curly hair products


The 12 Best Kids’ Curly Hair Products

Improve your little one’s curls’ manageability, shine and health with these kid-friendly formulas.

clock January 14, 2021Emily Belfiore

each and every, best natural deodorants


The 8 Best Natural Deodorants for All-day Protection

Keep odor at bay with these long-wearing, luxuriously scented deodorants that each boast natural, skin-healthy formulas.

clock January 13, 2021Emily Belfiore

tints of nature, best natural hair dyes


The 6 Best Natural Hair Dyes for Healthier Strands

Achieve vibrant strands without the use of harsh chemicals, toxins and ingredients with these top-rated formulas.

clock January 13, 2021Emily Belfiore

cirque colors, best color changing nail polishes


The 8 Best Color-changing Nail Polishes for a Striking Manicure

Spice up your manicure with these innovative thermal polishes from Cirque Colors, Del Sol and more.

clock January 13, 2021Emily Belfiore

on the rocks clarifying shampoo, best drybar hair products


The 11 Best Drybar Hair Products to Recreate the Perfect Blowout

The salon’s bestselling hair care products cater to a variety of hair types and concerns.

clock January 13, 2021Emily Belfiore

nars, best pink lipsticks


The 15 Best Pink Lipsticks for Every Occassion

Flirty and sassy or sweet and sophisticated, rediscover beauty’s most versatile power player in all of its glory.

clock January 12, 2021Emily Belfiore

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