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The Undercover Boss: Discerning the Customer Story in Rich Detail

Industry insiders discuss the role of leadership in discerning the customer story.

clock August 3, 2020Benjamin Finzi and Kathy Lu and Mark Lipton

The Zen Buddhist concept of Shoshin holds that “in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities."

Business Features

Think Tank: The Five Characteristics of ‘Undisruptable’ CEOs

In the second of this series on leadership, the authors take a deeper look at the factors behind undisruptability.

clock August 22, 2018Benjamin Finzi and Vincent Firth and Mark Lipton


Business Features

Think Tank: Finding a Path to Undisruptability Amid Relentless Business Change

In the first of two guest columns, the authors explore what it takes to be a leader in today’s retail market.

clock August 17, 2018Benjamin Finzi and Vincent Firth and Mark Lipton



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