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Marketing and Promotion

Is Your Brand Ready? Marketing Through OTT Messaging

Dana Gibber and Caroline Klatt, cofounders of Headliner Labs, share insights on the marketing ecosystem that has evolved across “over-the-top” messaging.

clock December 30, 2019Dana Gibber and Caroline Klatt

social media

Marketing and Promotion

The New Frontier in Social Commerce: Is Your Brand Ready?

WWD guest authors Dana Gibber and Caroline Klatt share insights on social media platforms as marketing channels.

clock December 4, 2019Caroline Klatt and Dana Gibber


Business Features

Think Tank: A Primer on Turning Facebook Messenger Into a Retail Gold Mine

The authors share tactics on how Messenger can boost conversions.

clock December 31, 2018Dana Gibber and Caroline Klatt

Shoppers still desire to check out with a sales associate, according to data from Headliner Labs.


Think Tank: The On-site Chat Revolution

Dana Gibber and Caroline Klatt, cofounders of Headliner Labs, explore how to revamp a known tool into a new sales channel.

clock October 25, 2018Dana Gibber and Caroline Klatt

online shopping

Business Features

Think Tank: How Retailers Generate New Revenue Through Chat and Chatbots

Caroline Klatt and Dana Gibber, cofounders of Headliner Labs, explain.

clock August 22, 2018Caroline Klatt and Dana Gibber

Chatbots are adding a new stream of revenue for retailers.

Business Features

Think Tank: Creating New Revenue Streams With Chat

The cofounders of Headliner Labs explain how retailers are generating new e-commerce revenue via chat and chatbots.

clock June 19, 2018Caroline Klatt and Dana Gibber



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