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Cate T. Corcoran

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Foursquare Sees Explosive Growth

Social network Foursquare and similar apps are all about leading people to do interesting things — and maybe…

Three Different Mobile Strategies

Puma, Brooks Brothers and Avon showed the many different approaches to mobile.

Top Apps With Teen Appeal

A list of 10 iPhone apps that appeal to teens, often on Apple's weekly list of most downloaded apps.

Google Launches Retail Search Product

Google Commerce Search is a cloud service with various customization tools for retailers.

Polyvore as Brand Advocate

“Polyvore’s mission is to democratize fashion,” said Polyvore director Katherine McClymonds…

L’Oreal Boosts Online Profile

L’Oréal Paris aims to integrate social media strategies with website activity.

Google Exec Touts YouTube as Brand Builder

One of the biggest brand building mediums today is video, said Kevin Kells, national industry director of…

Coach Sends FB Fans to Stores

The focus of Coach Inc.’s online social media campaigns is to drive traffic into the company’s…

HauteLook Receives $31M in Funding

The private sale site HauteLook plans to use the infusion to find new customers, expand categories.

Editors Find Second Lives as Web Consultants

Veteran magazine journalists are finding new careers helping brands build their presences on the Web.

Brooklyn Museum Launches Fashion Exhibit

Brooklyn Museum's retrospective, “American High Style: Fashioning a National Collection," opens today.

Kellwood Cuts Costs

At Kellwood Co., doing the unexpected and bringing the tech department in-house saved it $3.6 million in only…

The Next Wave: Fashion Brands Test New Social Media Platforms

Fashion companies on the hunt for customers and buzz are looking beyond Facebook and Twitter to new emerging…

Mobile Commerce to Grow

While retailers say mobile commerce is hardly a blip on the radar screen as of now, they expect it to grow…

Web Searches Lead the Way

The world has changed, and so has shopping and the way marketers reach shoppers, said Dan Schock, retail…